Woodshop Training Requests Q2 2021

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Let’s centralize all training requests and class postings to consolidated, quarterly posts.
If you’d like a class, post it here. (mods, feel free to merge new topics into one post each quarter.)
If you’re posting a class for a certain date, announce it here.
Please remember that all classes are taught by volunteers who are giving up their own making time to teach. Woodshop and Lathe basics classes typically ask for a $10 donation to Woodshop to help cover supplies and maintenance costs.
If you’re unable to make classes repeatedly, you’re always welcome to ask for 1-1 training and / or offer teachers an incentive (like cash, rare wood, snacks, or otherwise.)
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and because Q2 2021 started a little over a week ago…
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Would anyone be available this week for me to get trained on anything in the woodshop. I can probably just demonstrate my knowledge on most things.

Any idea on the next training? I missed the sign up for next week. I’ve waited to start my membership because the woodshop is my primary interest and I want to make sure I can do the class quickly after starting the membership.

I just added another class for April 28th - it should open in the calendar in 72 hours [Thursday at 9:30am].

WoodShop Basics: Apr 28 @ 6:30PM https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/16568 [5 Spots]


Thank you! I’ll be on the lookout.


I am a returning member from 2017, having just reactivated my membership and had discovered that my training has expired due to rework of the training process.

I was hoping that I could complete a proficiency test to bypass having to retake all of training given the pandemic problems. I am happy to pay the training fees to support the consumables.

Thank you,

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Any of the teachers can run you through a proficiency test and make sure you’re up to date on the rules. :+1:


Thanks @IanLee, I am available tomorrow before 11 or weeknights after 7. I could even make some mid afternoons with this week if any teachers are available please let me know. Thank you so much!

I’ll be interested in the next training class as well. They fill up fast!

I have submitted a class for the 25th . It should appear in 72 hours on the calendar.

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@Youssefb, any chance I can tag along on that next woodshop basics class on the 25th? I understand it says it is already full.

If not, can anyone spare some time to give me a woodshop basics course? I can pay a little extra, I just need to have access to the woodshop yesterday.

Hello, I’m brand new to DMS. I really would like to become educated/proficient with the CNC. When are intro classes? Thank you! Patrick

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Welcome to DMS!!! @Team_Woodshop


A major shout out to @jast for consolidating all education requests into this thread and keeping woodshop from clogging up the top of Talk with multiple repeat threads.


I’d love to take a project class on making bowls on the lathe. I realize that this is the kind of thing best done on a smaller scale, because of the time required for each piece. I took the lathe class about 2 years ago, and probably need a refresher. Is there anyone who would be willing to teach this?


@Sam_Violett @dwolf @prl2018

This is the 3rd request I’ve heard for a bowl project class recently. Anyone up for teaching one?

We just got a donation of some great turning blanks to be used specifically for classes like these.

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I was just talking to Sam about this the other day… I’ll get some up and advise dates on this thread by tomorrow.


If you do use the donated blanks, please take pictures of the class and end products so we can share them with the donor.


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For sure! Will do.