Woodshop Training Requests Q1 2022

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Let’s centralize all training requests and class postings to consolidated, quarterly posts.
If you’d like a class, post it here. (mods, feel free to merge new topics into one post each quarter.)
If you’re posting a class for a certain date, announce it here.
Please remember that all classes are taught by volunteers who are giving up their own making time to teach. Woodshop and Lathe basics classes typically ask for a $10 donation to Woodshop to help cover supplies and maintenance costs.
If you’re unable to make classes repeatedly, you’re always welcome to ask for 1-1 training and / or offer teachers an incentive (like cash, rare wood, snacks, or otherwise.)
Mods is it possible to pin this in the Woodshop category?

EZ link to prior thread:

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Just joined DMS today. My urgent need is to do some wood projects which are fairly simple. But am unable to find the required Basic class. 29th Jan class is still open but I am traveling for work that week. I am also out of town 22 Jan.
I would like to request the trainers to please let me know if there are any special 1 on 1 happening in the meantime that I might be able to join.
Thank you.
Chandra G

I have added two additional classes this month:

Thurs: Jan 20th - Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar
Wed: Jan 26th - Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

Both should be open in the next day or two.

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Thank you. I cannot do 20th so will join the 26th Jan.

I’ve had to cancel my registration for tomorrows woodshop basics class so there’s now 1 open spot for the January 5th basics class. It still says full on the calendar but just click on it and it should show 1 open spot if someone wants it.


It is still full and the button is not clickable. It is just a text box

Someone must’ve grabbed my spot already then. Sorry!


You did my cutting board class without taking Woodshop Basic? I didn’t know that. But now I understand you at the bandsaw.

This was my fault, I’ll now make basic a pre-req.

I’ve taken woodshop basics. I regularly use the tools in the woodshop, I just wanted to take basics again to get over my fear of table saws. I thought we would use the table saw in the cutting board class but we didn’t hence why I signed up for woodshop basics, mainly for a table saw/jointer/planer refresher

Thank you for telling me that. Any time you want, and for as long as you need, I will go over any tool with you until you feel comfortable at it.

Let me know!!


@Monikat posted that she has cancelled her participation in tonight’s Woodshop Basics class.

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Oops just saw this. Thanks for posting. I will be on the lookout for next class for last minute cancellations. Please continue to post about cancellations next class. Thanks

Posted Woodshop Basics for:

Sat Feb 5 9:30am — 12:30pm
Sat Feb 12 9:30am — 12:30pm

Should go live in 72 hours.

The wife and I would love to see someone do a live edge river class making something such as a table/cutting board/coasters/trivet/art piece.

I have seen a couple of people on here posting some really nice projects for this process.

I know that Rockler has a class coming up but it is $175 and all they teach you is how to mix epoxy, pour and sand it down. :confused:

Chris and Tandy

Can anyone teach CNC? I was a member a few months ago but no one at the time taught the class. I’ll join up again if that’s available.

This is the current status of the MultiCam project:

I’m looking for a lathe refresher … specifically for bowls. I haven’t used the wood lathes since forever.

I saw that @prl2018 is teaching a “turning between centers” class but that’s not quite what I need.



Just as an FYI as of right now, tonight’s Woodshop Basics class has one opening.


I’ll be putting up February classes soon.

HI Chris, Just sent you a DM.