Woodshop Training Requests Q1 2021

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Let’s centralize all training requests and class postings to consolidated, quarterly posts.

If you’d like a class, post it here. (mods, feel free to merge new topics into one post each quarter.)

If you’re posting a class for a certain date, announce it here.

Please remember that all classes are taught by volunteers who are giving up their own making time to teach. Woodshop and Lathe basics classes typically ask for a $10 donation to Woodshop to help cover supplies and maintenance costs.

If you’re unable to make classes repeatedly, you’re always welcome to ask for 1-1 training and / or offer teachers an incentive (like cash, rare wood, snacks, or otherwise.)

Mods is it possible to pin this in the Woodshop category?


Thanks Andrew, I totally forgot to get this thread going again for this quarter.


Hello, new member. I would like to use everything in the wood shop…so definitely interested in any and all classes. @ThomasLorkowski
I would like to attend this Tuesdays class, but I am having an issue with the calendar. Can you add me and can I just bring cash. Thanks

is @TSki if I am not mistaken.
@jason_hunt There should be news on the existing ticket, and your account appears to be ready to use…


Thank you @jast. Realized after I sent the message that I had been added. Still learning. Really appreciate how helpful everyone has been!:grin: thank you


Looking for training on the cnc multicam.

I didn’t see any classes coming up. If anyone wants to do a 1 on 1 class maybe some pizza and cash would be in order?

I always check the classes late and they’re either full or when I’m working. If I can get a 1 on 1 for some cash and some pizza I’m down. I wouldn’t mind figuring something out.

Lol I’m looking to get trained. I’m in the same boat either classes were full or I couldn’t make that date.

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@Tylermts – you might want to attend the Lubricate the Multi-cam event tomorrow at 7pm. That will let you talk to the guys that are considering teaching classes on the Multicam. Someday. Maybe. Any time now! Really!

Anyway, that strikes me as the best option for right now. No training promised. Rich is part of the team that’s taking responsibility for the Multicam. And they have promised that that group is going to start teaching classes, but I haven’t seen any announcements. And it shouldn’t require Woodshop Basics. WB is “can you operate the machines without injuring yourself or others in the woodshop”.

Ok I will try and make it! Thank you for the info!

I’m looking to possibly attend some woodshop basics. I couldn’t find anything on the calendar coming up so I wanted to throw it out there that I’m interested!


I put a class on the calendar for April 7 @ 6:30PM - the link should go live in a couple days.


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Hi Thomas,

I saw the registrations for this class are full. Is it possible to show up for this one? Or is that not advised. Thank you.

We occasionally have no-shows, but it is not guaranteed and I would hate to suggest driving out and then you not getting a spot. If I have no shows, I typically allow the spot to be filled though. The problem I have is each additional person typically increases the class time 15 minutes, so I really try to limit the class to 5 people.

I will add another class for April 20 today [will hit the calendar in 3 days]; we will also have a new Woodshop Basics Instructor after tonight, so we hopefully continue to have plenty of classes.

My Next Class: April 20 @ 6:30 https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/16543

I would like to be trained on woodshop basics but dont want to wait till the 20th. Can anyone train me? I have worked with most of this stuff before and pretty much can just show you what i know if asked. I’ve noticed the biggest barrier to actually getting your moneys worth at makerspace is just getting someone to train you, when often there is a massive shortage of training time. Can anyone help me?

I would like training on anything I can get in the shop.