Woodshop Tool Migration

Many woodshop tools appear to be mistakenly migrating for the winter, and I would appreciate your help identifying their migration patterns and returning them to their natural habitat in the dust.

Known migrants include:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Tape Measures
  • Safety Drives for Lathes
  • MT2 Drill Chucks for Lathes
  • Easy Wood Carbide tools

I have seen a few tape measures over by the lasers that are of the same type, brand and look as those the woodshop purchases. Maybe people have used them to cut their wood, mark near the lasers, then leave the tape measures there?

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Yes, laser users like to borrow woodshop tape measures, I pickup 3-10 of them any time I walk by.

We should use steel cable to tether some in useful places. Each table saw. The miter saw. The Multicam.

@team_laser … do you have a measuring tape at each laser? It might be worth buying a few and tethering at least one of them.


I do the same around my belt loop, all though I wouldn’t consider that tethering to something useful but tethered none the less

I recently discovered that we have the tool to crimp ferrules on small steel cable, I believe I saw it in the bottom of the workshops red toolbox.


I’ll buy a trio and glue some magnets on them to keep them attached to the machines. That should hopefully prevent them from running off and taking y’all’s with them.


It’d be cost effective in the long run to have one of these to, remove the need for a tape measures at all with the miter it may be more expensive that a tape measure but i imagine the value of the ones lost to the void of voids is about the same as it’s price tag

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Wrong link this is the demo link https://youtu.be/kqDhUzaSAmQ

Honestly these are super useful, pretty cool, and would make high quantity miter saw cuts super fast

And itd never get lost, almost impossible to damage, and honestly save money in the long run cause there must have been 2 dozen tape measures in that drawer at start with so even if they were on sale at like 7 bucks including tax that already 168 and we’d be lucky to rangle up 5
Plus saftey of it, cause when making repeats the tendency is to
Clap a stop block and If you raise the blade and that board that’s now pinched inbetween and rock and a saw blade it’ll lift it up and you’ll get kick back where with this just keep rolling the boards through look till it hits the number you want, I think it even has a feature to flash at a number you set it at and no danger

You are severely underestimating the average DMS member’s ability to destroy things. We are lucky to find a functional #2 screwdriver.


That’s because you can move a screwdriver, but however the fence on our jointer look fatory pristine however so when things are attached to the Tools’s alone the fence they seem to be resistant to such damage

I’ve purchased a trio of tape measures for use in the laser area (although I didn’t have time to get their magnets yet… a this weekend project). I’ll go ahead and round up any other tape measures I find while I’m here and drop them off by the miter saw bench for y’all to go through. (Some might be laser’s as it is, but I’ve not seen labels on any of these so it’s hard to say).

Hopefully this will prevent yours from wandering off in the near future.


Yard sticks might. be a better choice for the lasers as just like the bathroom passes that are traffic cones they’re unlikely to be taken due to size and inconvenience

Bought one of those as well. I’m less worried about people taking Laser’s tape measures (although again, please don’t ^_^;; ) than I am about people in laser taking the woodshop tape measures. I’m hoping providing each machine with a tapemeasure will be enough to prevent that.

Yea It’s be cool if there was like a stick on measuring tape that could be put on 2 sides of the bed to give a easy quick reference, I did that to the router table a while back so you could see how much you’re moving the fence forward but everytime I put it on it got intentionally ripped off till I ran out of tape so I gave up