Woodshop Signage Ideas?

< edit > Started a google doc to brainstorm and list specific information to include on signs around the shop. Anyone using the link should be able to leave comments on the doc itself, but feel free to reach out. < / edit >

So I’m still fairly new to the Makerspace and Talk but it looks like there’s a lot of agreement that equipment breaking down is an issue. I saw on another thread discussing this that having reminders around the shop could help, and I agree. I’d rather have a sign reminding me of the things I need to check before I start, rather than forgetting something simple and breaking/damaging something.

So all that said, I would like to volunteer my time and skills in graphic design to create that signage (if you guys want it that is). I think the first step would be figuring out what information would be most useful and which machines need it the most. Maybe some general reminders for the doors like:

“Remember to report issues to Talk, don’t just leave a note”
“Check the dust extractor before you start and before you leave to avoid overfilling”

Definitely happy to collaborate on this!


Thanks Charlie this sounds like a good plan!

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Awesome idea.

Perhaps the signage could have QR codes to link to the videos that are being made for the various tools?

I believe that is already in the works, but it would be great to maybe combine the two

I have the impression @jottwell is working on something similar…
List of ideas to reduce damage to tools in the Woodshop

Edit to add Joy of Maintaining the Woodshop

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Thank you for that! I knew there had been discussion of it, and just couldn’t remember exactly where.

Hi, I think this would be a great idea. Charlie - will you be at the space tomorrow by any chance?

I will yes! I’ll be there for the blacksmithing class but I can come before/stay after if you’d like to meet

9:30 work for you? Thanks!

Yup! Meet in the work space outside the shop?

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Perfect! Thanks much


Copying this from another thread again:

I started up a google doc for what signage to include around the shop and on specific equipment. Anyone who wants to take a look and offer suggestions on what to add is more than welcome!

I haven’t gone through all the equipment on the list yet, but will be making updates throughout the week.

Updated the google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R2s1Cdf8l1jxQsSldy0BuQmQxcS2e0Lzqh_Uu2Txz7E/edit#heading=h.uzvy9cnhtz2

It now has headers so you can jump through the doc a bit faster. Going to work on the actual sign for the Jointer/Planer area along with a mockup to bring to the committee meeting next weekend.

Feedback is welcome, but mostly just posting as an update for anyone interested.


Thank you Charlie! Will you be able to come to the meeting at noon on Saturday?

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Yup! That’s the plan.