Woodshop Safety class

I have joined DMS and received my key fob today.

I would like to know when there will be a safety class that I can attend so that I may start utilizing my membership.

Thank You,
Byron Neuse


Glad to have you as a member!
The scheduled classes are posted here:

I’d recommend attending tomorrow’s woodshop committee meeting. They will be able to give you the best info and connect you with an instructor if one hasn’t reached out to you by then.

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Hi Byron,

Welcome to the Space!
Let me help connect you to two of our trainers…
@ScienceElf and @cvrana. They can help with upcoming classes that are planned.

I teach also but my schedule will unfortunately keep me away for the next few weeks.

As James mentioned - keep an eye on the calendar as well!


I am locked down on a work project next week and out of town the following week. I will put one on the schedule but the soonest I can do one is the 28th.

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I will ty to be there tomorrow.

There is also a video dial in, if you can’t be at the space in person.

Dial In: ‪(US) +1 321-529-7314‬ PIN: ‪700 954 946‬#


Hello Byron,

If you still need a woodshop safety class, I’m teaching one on Wednesday afternoon. There’s still space to sign up.

Chris V.

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Hi @cvrana, I think the ending date for the class is mistakenly set to July 16th instead of July 15th :slight_smile:

Huh. So it is. I’m not capable of changing it myself though, and I don’t think it’s going to impact anything. Just, you know, the class is set for Wednesday the 15th at 1pm.

Hi, I plan to attend. I did the initial class recently, but I’d like to hear it all again to make sure I’ve got it. Thanks.