Woodshop Router table broken magnet

I went to use the router table this afternoon and noticed this broken magnet. It seems to hold on OK and the machine is probably usable but we should probably get a new magnet and make sure folks are not over torqueing those retaining screws too hard.

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Can you get me a part number for that piece?

Darned if I can find it as a part number on their list. I’ve emailed Incra asking for assistance and will update when I hear back.


Alright, support at Incra was most helpful. Here’s the page you can order from and the item we want is #1 (picture and drop down). Looks like magnet, screw and rubber grommet are $3.60 for the set. I’d say get a few eh? @IanLee

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Might as well order the fulcrum #2

Did you ever order the Remote RPM / speed limiter for the router table?

No. Link? 1234567890

I’ll have to find it, I think it was sent in the google chat during the committee meeting…

Here it is Router Speed Control - 110V, 20 Amp at Grizzly.com