Woodshop Minutes and New Dust Collection Question


I posted the meeting minutes from the 2/28/19 woodshop committee meeting, sorry for the delay getting them posted.

As a follow up to the meeting, I am wondering if the Laguna dust collector option has been submitted to the Fire Marshall for approval? @Team_Woodshop do we have any update on that?


We went and spoke to Felder and they said we could keep our deposit of we bought the unit from them. Kris seems to think that is the better option so I guess we’re getting the Felder. We’re working out how and when to put it in the current woodshop.


Have we looked at leasing a dust collector for the current shop? It might be cheaper than having Felder install this twice.


Felder will not be willing to wait another 6 or 9 months to install. That is how we initially lost our deposit.


Sounds like a plan then.