Woodshop meeting 8/24 Minutes

What is the reason to remove the doors into woodshop? Spreading sawdust to the rest of the workshop is not being excellent and not something the woodshop committee can decide to do by themselves.

‘Motion to remove double doors in woodshop until Felder exhaust issue is resolved.’

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Guy’s, I appreciate the concept that you want to remove the door to increase cooling. This is not something we can do.

Please do not remove the woodshop doors.

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I see that you discussed consumables. Is there a spreadsheet that exists of what you are buying per month?

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Wait so this meeting started by talking about ways to reduce spending and ended with the purchase of a new lathe, for an unspecified cost?

I have an idea on how to reduce spending…


The doors are staying where they are. It’s already been discussed. Other options are being considered. Also, consumables go away before tools do, otherwise the space won’t work. Ever tried to build anything out of wood if all you have is glue and blue tape? The tools are necessary, the consumables are not.


I phrased it poorly, but the point was to more carefully consider your purchases before voting on them, Jet doesn’t actually make a 12”x18” mini lathe.

I agree though, I can bring my own sandpaper but can’t really bring my own lathe.

It was/is a 12"x21". Apologies, I mistyped. The decision was specifically to get one identical to the ones we already have. No model specifications were given at the meeting. Minutes will be amended accordingly.

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Since you don’t understand the context of the purchase versus repair cost of existing equipment the value of your comments are of little value to this conversation.

If you would like to understand the discussion drop me a note


The meeting ended with us coming up with a plan to see if we can get a sponsorship to either pay for the lathe outright (donate it to us) or come up with some other solution to reduce the cost.

We need another lathe.

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Brandon, info as a follow-up to your question:

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Am I right that all 3 intake vents are inside woodshop?

Yes all 3 returns are in the Woodshop