Woodshop Layout Draft


Don’t forget the shapeko!


looking good (for now)!

Q: @Mrksls2 is there any shelving/racks planned for green wood storage? I am not requesting it, just wondering.

Similarly I wonder if it is OK to build/place something outside for this, e.g. a covered or enclosed something? @John_Marlow, is this kosher from a lease perspective? At least it would be closer to dumpster :–)


Will there be a problem with the Shapeoko next to the PM Lathe?



It was either you or Andrew I broached following with (or both?)…whomever it was the response was generally positive: If/when time is right and opportunity allows, and that may or may not be during expansion, let’s convert the miter saw bench to a two saw unit, one placed 1/4 or 1/3 distance from each end. This will allow two people to cut medium sized stuff at once, and allow longer items to be cut from either end as stock requirement/needs dictate.

I don’t think this requires any changes to layout above…just food for thought. Great! Now I am hungry.


Gotta say that’s looking pretty sweet to me.


Just for you, @mblatz


@jlcourtman: does PM lathe have an extension, too? If not, @nacho we should probably switch Oneway and PM lather placement, as extension in place on Oneway were it is wold effectively block that path. Let’s wait on Jeff response.

Again, not because I am suggesting, but couldn’t the Seppuku go right next to (‘south’ of) New CNC? Ive never used it so…other input?

Also, if I am reading scale right that one grid square = 1 sq ft, some of these distances between machines are two squares, or two feet, apart. That’s barely enough for a normal body to work/move. Just something to keep in mind. There’s already a great opportunity offered to “mock-up” placement of tools in 102 if wanted, so at least possible to understand what it will feel like before actual real placement starts.


Now, with more walking space!

also don’t forget that the measurements are larger than the actually piece of equipment by a few inches to allow for play and errors. this is not the machine shop! :joy:


@Nacho - that’s why I was saying it’s no big deal, because it is only a matter of tweaks. Besides, unless you have all the space in the world, there is absolutely no way to get it perfect on paper.

However…we will definitely need more than 7’ to the infeed side of the planer - 10 - 12’ at a minimum, but it looks like that, again, is just a matter of tweaking location, not moving it.

As to the Laguna: it is a multiple use tool - you can size green wood with it, but you can also cut very thin veneer with it. In a (more) perfect world, it makes sense to have all the bandaws together. But, again, - that would be a perfect world - I’ll leave that to Mark and others

@mblatz - no extension on the Powermatic - qood catch


I’m saddened to see storage inside woodshop (aside from the necessary storage for tool accessories, etc.) There are a lot of places throughout the workshop where storage can go, but there is only one place where woodworking tools can go.

Expansion did not dictate this.

I heard through the grapevine that woodshop was told to move storage to inside the shop. I don’t know the source and it may just be an unconfirmed rumor. I just want to reiterate that Expansion did not prescribe this.

The power plan has some power drops for future equipment (like a second planer) but the storage seems to consume the potential space for those things.


And I’m concerned about the miter saw setupcovering up the windows. Unless the powers that be are okay with ditching the windows along the workshop wall.


@Mrksls2 requests that the “Final” draft of our proposed layout be completed immediately to use as the foundation of our buildout plans going forward. I ask that all members who have concerns with the newest floor plan that I have posted above please tell me what changes need to/should be made. I have set a deadline of

Monday January 14 at 12pm.

Final requests/suggestions/changes MUST be posted BELOW this post. IF I have accidentally missed your previous concerns that you have posted above, I may not make those changes, so please repost the suggested change.


Ideally the surface (drum) sander would have approximately the same clearance as the planer does; it is very common for folks to feed 7-8 ft lengths of trim or floor board or long strips of whatever. Looking at sanding room, this may not be completely possible, but I’d at least put it along the longer wall and adjust everything else to fit.

Also makes sense to me to move edge sander ‘west’ along the wall by a few feet; maybe even center it on that wall unless there was a reason it was put in corner.


@Mrksls2: are we really needing 3 drill presses. Not important for this particular exercise, since any of them can be replaced with table/bench on the fly, but still just wondering…


No, we’re not going to get 3 drill presses, and there are several mandatory items that were not included in these revisions. The final layout meeting was last month. The layout was finalized last month. Any changes will have to be made with the power drops in the locations we determined at last months meeting. That layout is the one that will be sent to the ducting engineers and electrical contractors.


Confused…are you saying no need to continue this particular thread/discussion. No worries if so…@nacho can take a well deserved rest, then.


I am texting Nacho right now.


The layout was finalized at the last committee meeting. Thank you for all your hard work during that meeting. I suggest anyone wanting input to pay attention to their committees and make the meetings.


Maybe so…where are the meeting minutes backing this up? And if it’s the case, why was this thread even started, then?

Also, was there a way for interested parties to know beforehand that the finalization of layout was going to be discussed and/or decided at the meeting?

Committee meeting’s primary function is voting. Suggesting that the only way for all member’s opinions to be heard or input to be taken into account is to attend committee meetings is nonsense, since we don’t have a room that fits 2200 people, assuming anyone/everyone might have some thoughts or suggestions or input. The committee specific forums here on Talk exist for a reason, and trying to exclude relevant and meaningful suggestions or opinions is short-sighted; note that a lot of good discussion and info came out on this thread, some by people that don’t have option of making it to a committee meeting.


there was a committee meeting that I attended about the finalizing of this plan. it was difficult for everyone to get a voice in, so I created this, hoping that it would serve as a phase 2 of our plan and that we could do whatever could to support it in the phase 1.