Woodshop Layout Draft


As a member of the Expansion Committee I would like to remind everybody that the current Mechanical layout and Electrical system for the new Wood Shop has been set in stone several months ago and has been approved by the Board of Directors. I am not trying to point a finger at the Wood Shop alone, this is true for all committees. Contractors are in the midst of bidding and changes cannot be made at this time.

The approved Wood Shop layout is:

Any changes from the above diagram will have to wait until after you are all moved in. Once you are moved in then all new changes will need City Permits and construction quotes for additional walls, electrical, fire sprinkler system relocations, etc.


Really appreciate all of the mods/dinking around with this, @nacho!

I am still trying to understand the scale, here. For one person addressing a lathe, there probably needs to be…4 (?) ft minimum clearance for body/movement/etc. So min ~8 feet between two lathe set opposite to each other. This might be mitigated by offsetting the relative lathe positions, but one way or another needs to be accounted for.

@Lordrook, what say you?


agreed that 4 ft is probably ideal. but as Ryan and Rich have stated, we may be getting too ahead of ourselves.


Where is the Shapeoko going?

It is on Rich Meyer’s map and none of the others.


I gotta say that I’m officially confused here. THIS layout looks very much like the layout that Mark Salas preferred, but he was given another proposal by “someone” that I understood to be @Team_Expansion that placed the miter saw where the lathes are on this, with the statement that that particular wall was only going to be fitted out with 110 outlets. The mystery source also indicated something about vertical storage. And those were the items that sent everybody down this floor plan path in the first place. BTW- This was at a @Team_Woodshop meeting held on Dec. 27.

@Kriskat30 was in attendance at that meeting, and her comments led me to believe that it was NOT etched in stone. And discussion threads about where power drops were to be in Fired Arts etc elsewhere on TALK in late December, about the time you delivered the giant box pallet to 102 would also indicate that somewhere there is a BIG breakdown in communication taking place somewhere.

I would argue with the statement about “no changes can be made until after you’re in.” There a construction term called “change orders” that allows for changes, and there are typically contingency budgets to cover unexpected expenses.

At the risk of jumping onto @Team_Expansion’s “shit list”, I would opine that getting electrical drops, walls and doorways in the most efficient locations NOW is more cost-effective for DMS as a whole than changing a bunch of stuff after the fact as you suggest. That said, if said changes are truly “dream space” options rather than basic accommodation, then certainly, the committee should bear the cost of that. (My example would be the sand(ing) box.)


First, let me start out by saying that Expansion isn’t offering to make any changes whatsoever to what the contractors are doing. But from a hypothetical standpoint, I’d like to offer some comments on the layout.

Is this the latest version to which I should be addressing my comments?

I like a lot of things about your layout, but I have some clarifications and concerns. I am not going to dictate how Woodshop is ultimately laid out, so these are comments and not mandates.

Clarification: The doorway to formerly Hatchers will be drywalled in.


  • The primary pedestrian entrance is obstructed by people using the Delta, Jet, and Scroll saws.
  • The Multicam may be spewing MDF dust out the pedestrian door every time it gets opened. Does it get connected to the new Felder unit, or does it retain its own organic dust collector? I have concerns either way.
  • The Multicam is incredibly loud. You can easily hear it through the walls in Suite 102 in its current location. I’d prefer for it to not be 10 feet from the Lecture Hall if possible.

Big “gotcha”:

  • Sanding area. If you think you’re going to enclose the sanding area, this requires re-engineering, extensive construction, and possibly revision of the permits. An enclosed area will require new HVAC ducting, new fire sprinklers, emergency lighting, light-rewiring/switches, and possibly evaluation of the egress route. I know this was Felder’s recommendation since the engineer I spoke with didn’t think the RL350 would adequately collect sanding or MDF dust, but it’s a huge construction change.

If Woodshop wants to cut out life-sized cardboard templates, we can let you into Suite 102 to do a test layout. You can chalk “walls” onto the warehouse floor and layout your templates if you want.

  • EDIT: I intended to ask whether there is enough clearance to drill anything more than 2’ long on the drill presses. As a wild idea, could a drill press be mounted alongside the miter saw, maybe halfway down the same outfeed “table”? As long as the drill press head is high enough to clear the miter saw table, it wouldn’t interfere with putting long stock on the miter saw table. Then long stock could be drilled in this location.


That’s between me and Mark Salas right now and I’m not going to discuss it here until he and I have worked it out.


Yay! Progress will ensue!


If Woodshop wants to do the life-size templates, which I highly recommend, Machine Shop has cardboard available that you could use.

As Chris has suggested, you can put tape on the floor to mimic your shop, then move the templates and you get a much better feeling for actual space between tools with someone standing there. Well worth the effort.


We should just plan that there will be kickback because there is kickback already. I’ve seen three instances of it while I’ve been in the shop already.


And where are the drill presses?


This is the (mostly to scale) layout that generated the electrical and ducting requirements.

There is only one drill press on that layout. The items in red were future equipment. The Hatcher’s door had not yet been eliminated. The smaller squares are 5’, the larger slightly-darker squares are 10’.


Thanks, everyone, for your inputs.

After the expansion team has explained that it will be difficult/expensive to change plans, I propose that this conversation act as a “should be”, “phase 2”, or “how we want it eventually” plan. I’m fully aware that there are deadlines for submitting electrical/hvac requirements. Even though we may have missed some of the time frames, and an initial plan has already been submitted, I think the sooner we develop our “final” layout, the better it will serve us as a community, the expansion committee, and the contractors who will do the build out.

I created this conversation as of recently because I thought that I could help to create a “more perfect environment” for the woodshop. I saw that there were some inaccuracies with the first floor plan (that I saw), and knew that creating this document could help to eliminate room for error. I know that the expansion team has a full plate, and spending a great amount of time dedicated to one committee is not an option. They must spread their time wisely. Therefore, I wanted to help with what I could by taking everyone’s major concerns into consideration so that we can solve problems before they occur.

I should have stepped up to create this document much sooner. Hopefully, we can still get our best layout in time before construction begins. Please let me know how I can help so that I can get the ball rolling sooner.


One more time. Keep sending me feedback!

  • Added longer tables
  • Moved Delta, Jet, and Scroll Saws away from entry way
  • Added another staging table near Planer
  • Removed 2 lathes (we’re still adding 2 more in total)
  • Moved RL350 (vacuum) closer to doorway for easy of removal/dispensing
  • Extended miter saw counter
  • Added two working tables below the table saws. This can serve to hold outfeed material when pushing large pieces through the table saws. Need to ensure that they are at the same table height as the saws
  • Added dedicated vacuums to the CNC tables.
  • Currently the vacuum table motor for the Multicam sits adjacent to the multicam. I THINK we can fit it under the table, but we’ll need to reconfigure the tubing. That will save a lot of space. Under this assumption, I have not created a footprint for the vacuum table motor.

Updated editable file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EHa9-Z4AnejHQefLDvx4MvZy-2TT9JaB


If possible, it might be nice having the jointer, planer, miter saw, and Laguna bandsaw sort of grouped together as a ‘rough stock prep’ area.


I’d argue that the laguna should be grouped together with the panel saw and miter saw, more as a “rough cut” area. But if you see where I could fit the laguna near the planer/jointer, let me know.


The lathes should not absolutely 100% be set up the way they are shown on the drawing. That said, its no big deal :). To put them against the wall, as they are in Nacho’s latest drawing, is a significant safety risk of wood flying off and hitting a passer by. We’ve talked about this, like, a zillion times. (I’m saying this not because we haven’t discussed in woodshop committee meetings but because it is important @Team_Expansion understand.

The reason it is not a big deal is that once we get in the space, any tweaks that need to be made can be done with extension cords :slight_smile: e.g., turning them 90 degrees or moving out from the wall 3’ and having the “line of fire” directed toward the wall.


I think we’re in agreement on the rough cut tools, I assumed most lumber would go from rough cut to milling, so having the jointer/planer near the rest of rough cut tools would mean fewer large pieces of lumber passing through the workbenches/cnc area. If it’s not too straightforward then it’s always something we can worry about later if it ever becomes a problem.


ah OK. I know nothing about the lathes. I see them currently set up against the wall now so I assumed it was OK.


Done and done. Whatcha think now?