Woodshop Committee Meeting: 7/12 1pm, Interactive Classroom

Google Meet: meet.google.com/gsf-dubo-zbm
Dial In: 321-529-7314‬ PIN: ‪700 954 946‬#

Agenda for Woodshop Meeting 7/12/2020 1:00pm

Discussion: I want to focus on preparing for the future DMS woodshop.
- How do we do that?
- We can currently serve 10 people in our space comfortably, 20 max. What needs to change to meet the demands of 30-60 people?
- How do we reduce volunteer fatigue?
- How do we meet the educational demands of new members?
- How do we keep tools in safe, operating condition?
- How do teach, spread, encourage a culture of safety?
- What types of projects does the woodshop typically see and how do we better serve those needs?

Open Issues
- Ad-hoc vice-chairs
- Maintenance
- Education

- Expansion
- RFID prototypes
- Maintenance Schedule (Parked)

Open Forum

Reminders / announcements:
- Storage: There is no personal / project storage in the woodshop / Annex. Retrieve your materials or message me by the 19th. Anything not belonging to the committee will be trashed at the next work day.
- Looking at a work day 7/21 7pm?
- We are working to establish a par level for all materials using a visual inventory system. If you see that something needs to be replenished, message team woodshop.
- Please do not directly spray machines/ switches with cleanser. Please do not use sopping wet wipes on machines. Please spray towels and use damp towels to wipe machines and switches down. If machines are wet, dry them immediately.


Given that this is going to be a committee meeting focused on discussion with a lot of people, I expect this meeting to run 2 hours, but I’ve scheduled the room for 3 just in case the neurons are firing and the creative juices are running.

In an effort to keep from running into 5 hours, I’d like to implement the ‘parking lot’ idea:

If you have ideas/ questions that are off course of the main topic, write them down.

If conversation starts to veer off course, I may ask to park the current discussion and return to the main topic. If I do this, I will ask someone to write down a summary of the off course idea.

At the end of the discussion, time allowing, we will circle back to any ideas that have been parked.

Anything that we don’t address I will ask you to turn in to me and I will post on Talk to continue the discussion outside the meeting.


I am not very savvy re: virtual meetings…will the be a ‘chat’ window? i.e. a place where people can type/document their “parking lot” ideas. Then maybe save that off and collate into notes/minutes or ‘ideas’ spreadsheet or follow-up doc? If not chat/typing log, then Q is moot, I think.


Yes, there will be a chat window. I’m also planning on sharing a screen that we can collaboratively use to take notes.

Good idea to have a place dedicated to the parking lot.


Adding item to agenda:

Vote to approve bulk acquisition of training materials: $1000


Woodshop has historically depended on instructors or other volunteers to pick up materials for classes. We are already seeing an increase in training demands, This will probably only continue for the foreseeable future.

In an effort to decrease demand on instructors and have material available I would like to place infrequent bulk orders of material That will be delivered by the supplier. We will schedule work days around delivery on those months so that we can stack the material in vertical storage when it arrives.

Estimated purchase:
$600 on poplar (combined class)
$150 on cherry (breadboard class)
$150 on maple (breadboard class)
$100 on delivery

I’m targeting to have this last 3 months.

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Has storage for this much stock been considered or arranged. Reminder that there is a self storage just over highway…$50 (?)/month. If wood acquisition is to be an ongoing thing Wood-shop may be able to request (additional) stipend from Board…this is just the type of planned, regular, trackable stuff stipends are meant to cover.

Seems we could leverage one of our relationships with local suppliers for something, like maybe free delivery? Maybe nbot… a lot of them already give us a 10% discount…anyway just blue-skying here. If OK, I’d be happy to contact McKinney Hardwoods to see what type of discount Mike might offer. If dimensions of stock we need are flexible, it may be a way for him to get rid of stuff that is just scrap to him/others.

Someone to regularly manage (review, report on, order, etc.) this inventory would be helpful. Hopefully an engaged wood-shop user that is at the 'space at least weekly, and is ready, willing, and able will put a hand up.


For now my thought was to put it into the vertical storage. While we’ve got lots of empty space seems reasonable to use it for committee storage?

I think managing this is something that will ultimately fall under the education vice-chair or maybe a logistics vice chair if that proves necessary.

If you’ve got relationships we can leverage please reach out and get a quote. Otherwise I intend to use Central Hardwoods as they are close and historically fair with the space.

I didn’t think anything new could be pout in vertical storage. That’s what I was wondering about when I was mentioning arrangements.

Once the actual requirements (how much of what on what time basis) are determined, I’ll call MH…his prices per board-ft are typically better, but I don’t think he delivers…not sure, though.

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@PearceDunlap can woodshop store committee materials in the vertical storage or elsewhere? Or do you not want any storage used whatsoever?

Woodshop currently has a slot near the woodshop door for committee storage. I would prefer that committees not use the same space that’s dedicated to temporary member storage as it takes away from the spaces members can use for projects as well as looks like someone “is getting special treatment” when I have to call people out for squatting on spaces


Bumping this so people remember there’s a meeting on Sunday.


One possible agenda item, unless it is already known/determined: I haven’t yet replaced Saw Stop brake for use with dado set as there seemed to be some [some word] about whether it was/wasn’t or should/shouldn’t be done. Main issue is the huge expense of a Saw Stop event when using dado set: ~$200 dado set + ~$100 for brake replacement. This is in context of the fact that dado cuts, by definition, don’t typically expose the blade, i.e. using Powermatic or using Saw Stop in by-pass mode is a reasonable choice, all things considered.

One woodshop user simply brings in his own brake for dados.

Maybe worth a once-over with the committee?


For a very long time, we had a woodshop policy that if you were going to use a dado blade, you had to use the non-Sawstop table, thereby avoiding the follow-on users having to take the time to readjust the brake every time it’s reinstalled.

This is a logical and sensible approach. I’d like to see us go back to that.


If we go back to that general policy, I would not opposed to folks using their own brake and dado set on the Saw Stop.

As long as they completely reset the saw stop for the next user I guess I’m ok with that. I see the saw stop as the basic user’s table saw so it shouldn’t require the user to do advanced setup like changing out brakes/ adding the riving knife.

Now that the Woodshop’s AC has been replaced, have a volunteer replace the bad ceiling tiles in your area. New tiles are on a pallet in the Warehouse.

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@alyssalee made some totally-not-bribes for the woodshop meeting tomorrow.

Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies
Spicy chocolate Zucchini Muffins


Will there be a Wonka-vision rig setup so people can partake remotely? Otherwise just wedge one of each inside the jointer chip collection bin and I’ll pick them up next time I am there.


Well now that I know there’s food involved I’ll definitely be there if I wake up in time :sweat_smile:


Updated agenda attached; minutes and parking lot will also be taken on this document.