Woodshop Committee Meeting: 10/3/2020 12pm, North Conference Room

Join by Google Meet: meet.google.com/ozd-kctg-vaf

Join by phone: +1 267-540-8167‬ PIN: ‪849 296 324‬#

Agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13txf78XqPRujnZeKom8-EYES2GcVdOSgUuzqiOf2bjw/edit?usp=sharing

Shop clean-up to follow.

Snacks provided.


In our last committee meeting we agreed to find safety videos and create standardized basic use and safety questions to test everyone on. The following people agreed to help:

Could you please try to share these with me by this Sunday so I can collate them for the meeting next weekend.



I have safety videos and use videos from the woodworker guild of America… for most of the shop tools… I’m willing to share them…

Please clarify the intent here. Are people going to have to get cleared for Woodshop again?

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The intent is to reduce load on woodshop teachers while increasing student throughput. We’re trying to achieve this by streamlining woodshop education to be online with a short, In person check out.

There has been discussion about requiring all woodshop certified members to retake the online test once a year. This should take less than 20 minutes, will be done entirely online, and would help maintains knowledge of rules, safety standards, and protect our machines.

I emphasize that there has only been discussion on this. Everything will be tested and openly discussed before we release it as the ‘standard’.

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We will be cleaning out the Felder after the meeting so if you have a respirator please bring it.

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New people getting into Woodshop faster I’m all for. But test once a year or more classes for people already cleared is over kill.

I already waited forever to get in to the class and paid for them. Then got told 2 years later I was required to pay again and wait to get into class again. More requirements are very discouraging.

Are there a lot of injuries or damaged equipment happening?


It’s totally understandable that you’re frustrated about the wait time, class cost, and repeated class cost.

All those reasons and more are why we’re trying to take it mainly online. It should allow us to have a higher throughput of students while also holding members to specific standards that they will explicitly test out on.

If there is a re-test, It would be short, free, and online only.

In many professional organizations, people are required to retake basic training every 6-12 months in order to make sure the rules stay fresh. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to do the same in our environment with so many dangerous tools that members use infrequently.

We constantly have issues with lots of damaged and improperly used equipment. We have had minimal injuries so far, thankfully. But it would only take one major injury to put the space in a bad place financially, so we should be doing everything we can to mitigate that risk.


Will there be a vote on this change?

Which part? Repeat testing? Right now that’s a long term project. It needs to be tested and validated before implementing. And that comes after we test, validate, and implement online education in the first place.

As far as a vote… yes at some point it would need to be accepted by the committee as the standard.

Just a reminder that this meeting is happening in the North Lobby by the new entrance, not in the interactive classroom like usual.