Woodshop committee date

Woodshop team- my weekends are completely booked through late January by work and holidays.

That’s too long to go without another meeting, so we need a non-weekend meeting date.

Throwing some dates out there, which of these would you prefer? If you have a better date in mind, post that.

Thanks all,

  • Monday Nov 22
  • Monday Nov 29
  • Wed Dec 1

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FYI - there is a Woodshop Basics class scheduled on Nov 22 6:30-9:30…

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If it’s in the evening, any day works for me.

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They will be evening meetings

When will you decide the date Ian?

We will go for Dec 1 because nov 22 is too close to meet guidelines for election unfortunately. My mistake on not catching that until today.

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Cool. Thank you!

What’s on the agenda for this meeting! Cause when the latest date is within the new rules past order 10day minimum to post meeting agenda

No…just no…


So i should have said proposed

But don’t worry it doesn’t make sense to make what’s going on in a democratic entity available to everyone, I mean why would everybody need to know what’s going on in a democracy! Lol when there’s only a few making the decision why should people need to know! It’s a dic……democracy after.all