Woodshop color for Tool coding-Powermatic yellow

@shoottx, @Mrksls2, @Team_Woodshop

Hi - This is the thread I was referring to in the committee meeting yesterday. Root thread goes back to mid 2018.

I’d like to suggest we choose another bright visible color for tool marking and have this changed - I doubt my ability to mix and color match 'Powermatic" yellow.

We could have a gallon or so mixed to match and store it in the cabinet. Let me know what you think?

As we all know, at least those that have been here for a least a week, the Space is either haunted and poltergeists move and hide our tools, or we are at some magic crossing point for ley-lines where tools sprout legs and wings and move about and hide themselves throughout the Space. It couldn’t be because someone didn’t put it back.


  • Automotive is: Green
  • Black Smithing Black ]
  • Digital Media is Orange
  • Machine Shop is: Blue
  • Light Blue
  • CA is: Bright Pink
  • 3D Fab is Gold and Silver Striped
  • Laser is Red
  • Metal Shop is I Orange I with black bands
  • Logistics is White (White)
  • Hatcher’s is Metallic Brass
  • Fired Arts is a Brown Pebble
  • Electronics Yellow
  • Wood Shop powermatic "gold/yellow"
  • Science Light Green
  • Classroom @Bill Purple
  • Print Making Checker board B&W
  • Jewelry & Small Metals is Turquoise
  • PR - Not Needed, will engrave the few items they have or may acquire.
  • GlassWorks Deep Dark Red Dark Red Not this Red, don’t know pallet name
  • Vector is Blue Yellow


  • Digital Media is Orange
  • Infrastructure @StanSimmons ??
  • VECTOR @rablack97 ??
  • VCC “Undecided” or “Barcode”

What colors are the other committees laying claim to? Let me know and send a picture of the color. I’ll send out to all committee chairs so we are in agreement then I’ll compile a chart, laminate them and post around the Space. This way, they wayward tools may better make their way home.

Engraving is also a good way but color can be seen from a distance.


Our color on talk is brown. I’d say we just use that.

It would have to be enamel paint so that it sticks to tools.

However, IIWM, I would chose a color or scheme that matches a readily available paint marker and then I’d buy a half-dozen. Grainger has a range of colors available, including brown, yellow and gold.

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I’m good with either color, The yellow (powermatic Gold) would probably stand out better than brown on tools, not so much on the whirled Wide webb

Your doing it pick. I think it would be wort a look at the paint sticks at Grainger as a curiosity

Krylon Farm & Implement Paint - number 1944

PLEASE NO. it looks like cheery sunshine yellow fell in the mud and could not get out.

Brown blends into the background too easily.

Jet White? (which is just White)

A different shade of green (light green is claimed) or other shade of blue (only “blue” is listed). - maybe brighter or darker. Something that pops.