Woodshop cleanup 10/15 7:00p (woodshop will be closed for duration)

The woodshop needs a cleaning since we couldn’t clean up after the last committee meeting!

In addition to general cleanup, we will be:

  • Cleaning and Waxing the clamps
  • waxing the new clamps
  • cleaning out the Felder

Bring a respirator if you’ve got one!

If you’re a woodshop user, we need your help to get it clean!

Cookies will be present.

The woodshop will be closed for the duration of the cleanup. (Includes CNC and lathes!)


when is this?

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Ha, thanks for the catch. This thursday at 7:00pm



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Bumping to top for visibility.

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Big thanks to @rlisbona @Evan_Lott and @dougbcave for their help tonight! We got the woodshop cleaned up, cleaned up the Felder, and waxed some new clamps that were put into service to replace some old ones that were broken.