Woodshop Basics aka Woodshop101 request?



Please feel free to put in another category if need be. I’m assuming this goes here. I was wondering if there was anyone that can teach a Woodshop 101 class that isn’t on a weekday at 12p? I have a more “typical corp America” job, that often evenings and weekends are the only thing I can make. The last one I saw on a weekend more recently was last weekend which was difficult due to holidays and family.



Friday 11/30 7:10pm still has spots available.


Sorry, I’ll clarify my nomenclature on the post. That class linked is for the lathe, which I recently just did a 1:1 for so I could start using. I am seeking to take the Woodshop Basics (Woodshop 101), mainly so I can have it under my belt so to speak as well.


Nope that was my mistake, Coffee hasn’t kicked in and I read that calendar event as woodshop 101 :slight_smile: .


I took a Saturday 12pm class just last week. Probably just isn’t another one on the schedule yet since we just had a Saturday one :slight_smile:


Would anyone know if Mark Salas has a talk user name? Happy to see 101 there now, but I want to ensure to discuss possibility of arriving a few minutes late on the weekday class.


@Mrksls2 is his talk user name.