Woodshop basic classes

Just submitted 2 woodshop basics classes to the schedule. They should be posted live for registration at 4 pm on Tuesday.

Classes are August 8th at 10 am and August 12th at 7 pm. $10 paid to DMS woodshop. Limited to 3 slots each.


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Hi, I’m interested in the class on 8/12 at 7Pm. I’m extremely new, so if there’s something else that I need to do, let me know and I’ll do it!

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It will fill up super fast. I would get on the calendar a few minutes before 4 pm Tuesday and hit refresh to see it populate on the calendar.

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Hi! I’m brand new to woodshop, will this be a beginner level class?

Yes, will show you how to safely use the majority of the tools in the woodshop. This is the perfect way to get started.

Thanks for the quick reply! If I’m unable to get a spot in the class, is there another way to get trained (like 1 on 1) or would I have to wait for another set of classes to be scheduled? I have limited days off and would love to get started as soon as possible!


@Team_Woodshop and @cvrana .

Chris - any plans for classes in the near future to add to what Nathan has scheduled?

Yeah. Due to personal reasons I’ve not been able to put one up for a few weeks, but I should be fine to do so again now. I’ll set one up for next weekend.

I’ve gone ahead and set one up for the 8th at 4pm to act as a second option for anyone who can’t make the 8th at 10am.

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I did ones for sat morn and next Wednesday evening

Nathan McAfee

How can I register for one?

It should populate on the calendar around 4pm today. Check it then.