Woodshop 101/102 classes keep being canceled


I realize these are volunteer run, but this is the 3rd time these classes I have registered for have been cancelled at the last minute. They are canceled once it is too late to sign up for another session as those are already full.

Are there any alternatives? The event details note that the class is a requirement to use many of the tools in the shop, but that is unreasonable if the classes are not reliably being held. Maybe I just have bad luck. Do we need more instructors?

My registrations for 101/102 were cancelled on:
Saturday 12/15
Sunday 12/30
and today 1/5

Though today’s 102 has not been cancelled yet, I’m not confident that it will meet as the 101 has the same instructor.


Sadly, 102 was cancelled again just prior to starting :frowning:

Are there any backup or alternate instructors scheduled for these times to prevent these cancellations from occurring repeatedly? If this is a required class, it would be nice to have a more reliable schedule.


Not sure what’s going on, but then I’m not there. This is pretty new. Mark is usually reliable.


Ah ok, maybe it’s just bad luck then


Just FYI, I see that there is a Woodshop 102 class scheduled for this Sunday and it still has spaces available.



Thanks, I’m already signed up for one on Friday. Hopefully it will work out this time.


I’ve gotten the impression that we were having issues with the dust collection system. They announced last night that it was working… for the moment, at least.


If that’s the case, I wish that could be added as a reason to the cancellations. It would be much more understandable.