Wood Turners SIG - January Meeting


We skipped the December meeting due to the holidays but here we are 2019. Does Sunday 1/20 work for everyone? Throw out some dates and I will put it in the calendar.

January’s challenge is for a small bowl but I don’t remember if a demo was chosen. Are there any tools, techniques, or items someone would like to see or discuss?


the demo is a slide show to get the 2019 creativity juices going.
Just don’t pick the 20th. I’m teaching a 6 hour class and since I’m bringing the show I’d really like to be there.
I better get a bowl done. where does the time go? cheers!


How small? (wicked grin …)


I should be good that day. Wondering if we can avoid too late of a meeting. Sunday nights are busy for me and that’s why I haven’t made the last couple.


as small as you want. I think if aestheticly done well then even most miniatures are great.


If there are no objections I will put it on the calendar for Saturday 1/19 4:00-5:30. Nick that does put it right after your Bridgeport class but at least its not the 6 hour CNC class.


Does it have to be Sunday?


I moved the date to Saturday if that works better. Trying to find a time that doesn’t coincide with a bunch of classes and works for everyone is hard :frowning:


Saturday works for me


I put it on the calendar for Sat Jan 19 4pm — 5:30pm, should see it in a few days.


Im looking forward to this meeting. I hope I remember to sign up when I see it on the calendar.

Still newish to turning. :smile:


newish but you’re rocking it man.


Its up on the Calendar. Hope to see everyone there!



I’m teaching 2 glass classes that evening :persevere::roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved:


I tried to check the calendar to make sure there were as few/no classes during that time :confused:


Thank you for trying, I put it in a couple days ago should populate soon