Wood Storage question

So, yesterday was woodshop storage clean-out. When is it ok to bring materials back to the shop and claim a storage spot?

Do you mean project storage?

yes, I mean project storage. Wrong terminology, sorry. This is the first month of my membership so I’m not quite sure what the rules are

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No worries, I wasn’t sure if woodshop had their own day. The following is not necessarily directed at you, but for all the other readers.

There are many spots open again on project storage. They are open for anyone to grab.

If you received a 7 day notice, maybe wait a few days before putting your project back on a shelf to let other people have a chance at using storage.
If your stuff was off sited, please do not bring it back to the space. All contents were photographed and users were documented.

Please read and sign the slip that prints out when you make a tag. Also read the rules posted above the printer kiosk.