Wood Shop Training - Looking forward & Trainer Requests

I love the idea, keep it 20 minutes not 10. You can get through 9 in a 3 hour instructor session and make sure they can do everything.


I also like that for people who need refreshers on the equipment. I am guilty of being ‘signed off’ on everything, but I only regularly use maybe 3 pieces of equipment and I don’t feel comfortable using much else in the woodshop. Videos would be great refreshers for sure


soooo… are those videos already made? :grin:
(who’s going to do them if not?)

I’m clearly not itching to get started at all.

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I’m a new member in need of training so I can use the wood shop and metal shop… is anyone available this weekend or next week that can help me?
Cell: 303-999-5645
H.B. Smart II - some people calll me Home Boy


Hi, any idea yet on when the intro classes will come available? I want to plan my summer around the schedule.

Please note: class offerings/schedules are not set by a committee or chair, but by the teachers willing to volunteer their time and expertise, and they do so at their convenience, generally. The best way to stay on top of this is to keep a weather eye on the class/event schedule:


You can sort/filter as needed for your specific interests and needs. In the past, I had an Outlook reminder pop up every two days to make sure I was in the loop on stuff I was interested in.


Thank you. Have you heard of any qualified member being allowed ( by DMS rules) to teach an unqualified member privately for payment?
If this is permitted, maybe it will be a way to get training this summer. If it’s prohibited, please tell me. I don’t want to make a mistake.
All the best,
Barbara Radunsky

That is something the committee chair can specifically address. For the most part, my current understanding is that as long as the person is on the approved instructor list*, a one-on-one is OK (and has been done before, I am sure).


*approved instructor list is toward the bottom of this page: https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/Category:Wood_Shop. But if you are planning on using the woodshop more than once or twice, the whole page is worth a once over…

Thanks for this info. I will try to get thru the rules and bylaws.
Barbara Radunsky

Not sure where this is left ??? Is no one available for one on ones for the wood shop Classes? I‘m stuck because I can’t use the wood shop without being signed off for the safety class… much less the multicam… I was told there was book learning that needed to be complete prior to the one on one sign off…

Actually, the majority of our equipment has a ready made video resource on YouTube. For the gear that does not have a video for the exact model a very similar companion model is available. I put together the first go at these a little more than a year ago and worked on a refresher early in the year.

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All, when the topic came up a bit more than a week ago I reached out to the trainers that have conducted 1:1 sessions. These individuals are not currently teaching.

Totally get that you’ve just joined and are eager to get making. I’ve been out of pocket for to the move and a few other commitments that will run through mid July.

@bradunsky, @got_tools - I’ll be DM’ing you shortly to see what we can work out to get you up and running.


Thanks Paul. If someone prefers to be paid by me for private lessons, I’m willing to offer it as an incentive. I appreciate your help very much.
BTW, will you still be doing this after your move?
Barbara Radunsky

Less frequently due to distance. I’ll also be stepping down as chair. I’m hoping we have some volunteers interested in assumingg the role. I’m still planning on teaching a few days a month. Especially wood turning classes when we are able to offer them again. Check your PM’s and let me know. I’d like to get you and another new member up and running.

Thank you for keeping me in mind.

Barbara Radunsky

Barbara, I sent you a PM yesterday with a few questions. Can you please read and respond?

Thank you.

Hello new kid here. Joined last week for sole use of the woodshop and am requiring training for equipment use. Im an architect and have used the majority of these tools from the woodshops I had access to at school although it has been a few years.

Willing to pay for one on one training or anything to get me to be able to use this equipment as soon as possible. (Eager to get going but definitely understand the challenges of having been closed for an extended period of time)

Cell: 214.457.5706

Thank you and look forward to meeting everyone!
Kaylan Betten

Hi, How can I schedule a wood shop training (1,2,3); I’m a new member with some prior experience from another shop and was hoping to get started here. Thanks!

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Forgive me, Preston, for the intrusion, but this thread is where this discussion has been happening for a fair number of others, and it should get better traffic to jump in with the crowd working to coordinate getting started in Woodshop. Plus it should make @prl2018’s day a little easier for them all to be in one spot.

Have a great afternoon!


Thanks Jast! Just got internet at the new place an hour or so ago so I’m working through a log of things I haven’t wanted to do on mobile only.