Wood Shop Training - Looking forward & Trainer Requests

Hello new kid here. Joined last week for sole use of the woodshop and am requiring training for equipment use. Im an architect and have used the majority of these tools from the woodshops I had access to at school although it has been a few years.

Willing to pay for one on one training or anything to get me to be able to use this equipment as soon as possible. (Eager to get going but definitely understand the challenges of having been closed for an extended period of time)

Cell: 214.457.5706

Thank you and look forward to meeting everyone!
Kaylan Betten

Hi, How can I schedule a wood shop training (1,2,3); I’m a new member with some prior experience from another shop and was hoping to get started here. Thanks!

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Forgive me, Preston, for the intrusion, but this thread is where this discussion has been happening for a fair number of others, and it should get better traffic to jump in with the crowd working to coordinate getting started in Woodshop. Plus it should make @prl2018’s day a little easier for them all to be in one spot.

Have a great afternoon!


Thanks Jast! Just got internet at the new place an hour or so ago so I’m working through a log of things I haven’t wanted to do on mobile only.


Is there a technology solution to help with social distancing requirements, such as a microphone/speaker to make the instructor’s voice louder, and a GoPro to livestream to the big monitor next to the CNC Router?

This would allow live instruction to occur whiile not needing to have people on top of each other.

Some of the Wood Turning clubs use this setup for meetings that I’ve seen on YouTube.

Good luck with your move, @prl2018. I have some boxes if you want them.

We do have portable speakers (belt mount) and lapel mics for instructor use.

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im interested in being an instructor. provided i can get checked off as an instructor during hours that i could actually access. ie not noon on sunday etc. been offering this a while, i work overnights so like, 8 pm on certain weekdays is great


Link to the discussion Sunday with a syllabus for discussion

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Brenly - Let’s keep this in mind for the near future - Our times don’t mesh easily - Any other times you’d be available?


I think this would be a great idea- Something worth looking in to for the future. Thanks also for the offer of boxes - I’m in the unboxing phase now… And somewhat stunned at the amount of wood I’ve put away for “someday”… I think a bonfire is in order at some point…:slight_smile:


im free monday, tuesday, fri evenings. that’s all i got :confused: i work overnight emergency dispatch.

i ~suppose i could be free monday early AM or tues early am if that works better?

ive taken woodshop class ever since high school and was previously cleared on dms woodshop. lost my cert when the classes were restructured and i havent had a chance to get cleared since. schedules man.

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Hey guys! I’d like to express my interest in taking the required safety courses for the wood shop. I see that protocol is still being sorted out and I’m in no particular hurry, I just wanted to get my name on the training list if there is one :slight_smile:


Hi Jake,

I’m hoping we will have some classes next weekend or late this week as a part of the Train the Trainer effort we have underway. I’ll keep you posted as things develop. What times are best for you?

Welcome to DMS!


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Hi Paul!

Thank you for reaching out. That sounds great! I am available after 5 on weekdays, or any time over the weekends.

Thank you!


Hiya, Jumping on the bandwagon as well. I just signed up and payed my dues today. Looking to get cleared in woodshop and especially the multicam as well as some kind of CAD/CAM training if possible.
My availability is mostly after 5 on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Please keep me in mind for the next training opportunity.



Hello, I am also showing interest in the woodworking safety classes. I have background experience in HS woodworking classes (Beginner -Advanced). My availability is anytime the next week and after 5pm moving past that.

Matthew McLain

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Hi Matthew,

That would be great - I’ll reach out later this week about next week.

Also , tying in our new WS chair - @IanLee Ian Lee

Speak to you soon.



Welcome! Some videos were already filmed, and new ones need to be made. There’s not an online portion for signoff just yet, but it looks like it’s moving in that direction.

The details for getting signed off for woodshop are still being decided, but we did have a very productive online meeting that spanned 3 hours to try to make the changes that will help everyone out. Much credit goes to @prl2018 and @IanLee for keeping their eye on the ball. Please know that they are thinking this through to make it easier to get the most new members signed off on the tools as soon as possible.

As for metal shop, you might try reaching out to @hon1nbo to see how that committee is handling things with social distancing, but please do it on a machine shop post to keep us on track. They typically have a work day where if you volunteer to help with clean up and maintenance, you can get signed off on the tools, but social distancing may have changed it. I’m not on the committee, so I don’t know for sure.

Edit: I opened a new thread here What's the new procedure for machine shop signoffs?


Hello all, I’m a new member that just joined last week. I have past woodworking experience and am willing to teach basics once I’m allowed to do so. If you’re still searching for additional teachers please advise. Thank you.


Thanks Hodge!

It can take a few weeks to get into a safety class, but once you’re in it, all you have to do is talk to any of the current teachers and they will help you get setup to teach. We’d also love to have you on the committee. Check talk to see when those are hosted each month.