Wood Shop Training - Looking forward & Trainer Requests



At the point that DMS is able to reopen and begins to add new members one of the key factors in attracting and retaining these members will be the ready availability of required training.

Wood Shop has historically been one of the more popular areas in the Space of interest to new members as well as being a strong factor in member retention.

Our required training options are currently:

  • Woodshop Basics - Woodshop Basics, Project based classes, Experienced Maker certification.
  • Lathe Basics - Both basics and project based
  • Multicam - Currently only one option available - Additional trainers encouraged.

I’ve asked for volunteers in training in the past in order to build our instructor base and I’m reiterating that need now with an emphasis on our need to have available, effective and frequent certification options. If you have interest in teaching even one class per month please reach out to me on DM.

To the several individuals who have expressed interest previously - I’ll be reaching out to you over the next week to touch base.

Thank you,



I would love to teach the mulitcam…but I took the class long ago, and never followed through. If you really want an instructor and are willing to give me some personal training, I’d be willing to put a LOT of effort into it!


Just bumping this thread. Have had several great responses from our members. Any others interested?

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Hi! I am a complete newbie and just joined DMS today, June 15. I am looking for wood shop instruction, all the basics. Could you please add me to your list of students, and let me know how and when I can get started?
Looking forward to learning with this group.
All the best,
Barbara R.

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Hi Barbara,

Welcome to Makerspace! I’m I the process of a move over the next few weeks but am hoping to have some training up towards the end of next week.

I’ll also try to locate another available trainer before that.

I’ll speak to you soon!


Thanks Paul. I appreciate your quick reply.
Good luck with your move!
Barbara Radunsky

Paul is there a list of class subjects where you need instructors? Or classes we don’t usually offer but should.

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Paul… new member (almost… planning on signing up this weekend!) here too.
Would love to be added to the training list to get checked out on the woodshop machines.


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Paul, how are you structuring training now? I’ve taught cutting board classes, a bottle stopper turning class, and some of the 4 part safety classes. I’d be willing to teach some safety classes but want to know the formatting and would want you to run me through exactly what you want covered. Happy to help though

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Thank you!

Will do. Welcome to the The Space!

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Randy and Ryan,

Along with several other members interested in training … I’m hoping to hold an online discussion next weekend about training options and schedules as we further develop acceptable distancing practices for training. The board will need to approve these plans. I’ll get an invite out to all that have expressed an interest hopefully mid next week. Thank you for being interested in and willing to train!


Per the space reopening rules, wood shop training is temporarily suspended to comply with social distancing rules. I am sure the space is eager to move forward with either lifting this rule or changing how we do wood shop training as the wood shop is usually in high demand for new members.

What rule in particular prohibits it as long as the classes are smaller than the CDC recommended maximum gathering total? I believe you, I’m just not seeing the same rule yoou are.

From the reopening date and new rules pin, in the document with committee specific rules, under wood shop:

Classes on the equipment will be temporarily unavailable due to the close proximity of people. Once the social distancing has been removed or another policy is able to be enacted, will resume as previously done before the shutdown.

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Thank you. I missed that.

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No problem.

I’ve pondered for a long time about having a class series online, with tests, followed by a 20 minute in-person check off. “Teachers” could volunteer to be present for a 3 hour stint once a week or something and use that time to check off anyone who is ready. Similar to how we do multi cam checkouts now.


This may just be me, but I’d think that you’d want extended hands-on training with the tools for the actual certification, as I imagine there’s a lot that a computer course couldn’t really teach. MultiCam an online thing kind of makes more sense because a lot of the complex bits are controlled by a computer, but there’s no computer in the table saws, or planer, or belt sanders or band saws.

That’s just my initial thoughts on that, though. I could be very much off-base.


So that was my initial worry as well. my reasoning After thinking about it for awhile was this:

In a typical 3 hour class, how long does a person actually have their hands on the tools? Maybe 5 minutes? They make one cut on the jointer, planer, chop saw, and table saw. Then we //cut// them loose.

The rest of the class is listening to the instructor, watching the instructor demonstrate, or watching their classmates.

If you changed that to a 10-20 minute hands-on practical following an online class series where they received the same information they would have otherwise gotten but in a quiet manageable environment. Also, those videos would always be there for them to go back and reference if they had questions.

10-20 minutes of 1-1 hands on time with the instructor ends up being more time and more cuts than they would have had originally.

Also, right now we don’t dive into the bandsaw, sanders, or drill press because of time. You could probably add those to the 20 minutes of hands on time and still have plenty of time.


Also, as an instructor, I feel a lot less bad saying “I’m not confident you’re ready to use these tools, go review the videos and show up to the next check out session” when the person hasn’t been waiting to get into a class for 4 months. I think we can probably get people through the “class” a lot faster if we have 1-2 check out sessions a week.

Videos also may be better from a space liability stand point. But I am not a lawyer so no idea.