Wood Shop Training Discussion - This Sunday -Noon

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Discussion of the current environment for training in Wood Shop.

  • Goal of Training at DMS Wood Shop
    • To be able to safely and effectively use the Large WS tools
  • Types of Training currently available
    • WS Basics - A ~3 hour course that outlines safety and tool basics.
    • Video review and Teach the Trainer for experienced wood workers
    • WS Lite - Maker Basics - TBD
    • Project based WS certifications - For example Tksi’s Basics class series
    • Lathe and Turning classes - Still considering this as a hard No due to distancing requirements - Open to discussion.
    • Other
  • Class size
    • Currently - a maximum of 3 students per course is recommended - BOD approval is being requested.
  • Social distancing and training effectively
    • General discussion about best practices
  • Training Honorarium limits and requirements
    • Open Discussion - I hope to be able to speak more in detail by Sunday
  • Train the Trainer opportunities and schedule
    • Syllabus and expectations discussion - as well as availability and timing.

WS Basics 20200625 v.2.pdf (42.2 KB)

A brief outline for discussion on Sunday.

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Has an instructional video been considered for the Basic Shop Safety?

A little confused… this training is being done remotely?

No. The training we do on Wednesday will be hands on. The Sunday discussion is online only and will be to discuss with future trainers how we proceed and what the syllabus will be.

Make sense? Sorry if it seemed confusing.

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perfect! thanks!

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I did not see the Powermatic Drum (surface) sander in the outline.

It’s included under pedestal savers in my thinking… As opposed to handheld Sanders.

It has, and it may be time to revisit the idea. Machine or operation safety is something I’ve always integrated in to the specific operation, with examples. I’d bet there is a good Basics video already made that would fit our needs.

@prl2018, thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.

I think @dougemes and @Mrksls2 made some safety videos and a video about how to empty the new dust collector.

Doug, are they on the wiki, or somewhere else?

I don’t know who updates the main website, but it might be good if we could add some links.

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I suppose it could be considered a pedestal sander. I know this is a brief outline, but I think it has some significant differences that incorrect usage might result in the best case - an unnecessary increase in consumables and in the worst case - substantial tool downtime. I think this tool should be the first to have RFID added.

Good point Holly. I recall Mark making videos, but I don’t know if they got finished.

@prl2018, I think we need to at least add videos on individual equipment to the respective documentation column of the woodshop tools wiki page. BTW, the wiki said the Powermatic lathe is 110V. I corrected it and linked the manual.


@job4goodman @dougemes @prl2018 how do we get login info for the wiki?

Do we need any special permission to link to public YouTube videos? I’m going to also ask this question in the general category.

It’s your DMS.local username and password.

EDIT: looking for more info, but for the beginner, Andrew LeCody put together some good info, and this page was part of it:
If you’re new to wiki altogether, edit your own page to get the hang of it. Your own page is accessible at the top, right corner, by clicking your username, e.g.:


Good stuff! Thanks Jast!

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True about the differences. The same could be said fit the Belt vs. Disk vs Spindle Sanders though. Keep in mind that it’s an outline… Not a manual… Basically a basis for our discussion tomorrow and further development. @TSki has made excellent progress on a manual that is already in the 30 page range and could easily span 60-70 pages I think.

I also think a part of our task tomorrow will be to reach a consensus on what WS basics and tool certification should scale to.

Basic safety and machine competence?
Lumber, grain, etc?
Rough carpentry- think a basic stool or table?
The understanding angles and how to make them?
Hardware and basic joinery?
Finish work?
Tool maintenance?
Hand woodworking?

It becomes a bit of a rabbit hole with potentially ten or more hours of instruction time to scratch the surface. I’d venture that the majority of our Maker community are in the first and second lines and may never need or want more than those skills. Nothing wrong at all with that in our multi discipline community , I mention it merely to highlight our 80% target population.

I’m sure we’ll get other perspectives tomorrow during our call. And through the discussion, arrive at the best solution for the community as a whole.

Yes, I understand. I’m working off of my personal 1+ year of DMS experience. I don’t recall the belt, disk, or spindle sanders being down for any length of time. I do recall large segments of time without the surface sander.

I think WS basics and tool certification discussion certainly fits into the 10/5 conundrum (we need to get 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bag). We have to think about what it is that we want someone to be able to do after completing the class. In my opinion, the Multicam CNC class is a good example of how to accomplish the task: classroom session with many, individuals create their own design, then certify individually in a practical test. It works for one tool, I just don’t think it is very practical when your trying to teach at least 10 different types of tools.

Thank you @prl2018 and @IanLee and everyone who participated for a productive meeting.

Ian, if you want to schedule a Google meet to talk about Thinkific’s free plan or other method of posting pre-class video, I’m around. (Holly)