Wood Shop Operating Rules

I was wondering if I could get text versions of the operating rules that are posted on the woodshop equipment. Does anybody know if those are posted someplace? I checked the wiki and can’t find it.


I don’t know where they are but IMHO copies should be made available on the Committee drive:

Mike was working on this. I don’t know where the project stands now.

I’ll see what I can find out!



I worked up this instruction sheet for the bandsaw that I was going to give to Mike at the next Woodshop committee meeting. IMHO, we should have a laminated one-page sheet like this hanging on every power tool in the shop. Onesheet - Bandsaw.pdf (220.1 KB)

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This is a good idea. It’s short and to the point.

Specific questions, however …

“When you are finished”, bullet 4, says clean “the blade and blade”

As a constructive suggestion, isn’t there also some point at which using a sled is recommended?

EDIT: As a general template idea, should there be a safety precautions section on all the tool sheets? We drafted one for the Cold Cut saw, and it had two additional sections … Dangers to Operator, and Equipment Cautions.

EDIT2: I suggest we add Minimum Age, whether training is required, and any restrictions on materials.

I submit for consideration: put this on a laminated tabletop tent (like in a specials in restaurant); attach to a cord/wire/twine whatever with magnet on other end; place on machine such that is has to be moved out of way to use; ask/require that it be put back where it start when done with machine.


Jim - thank you for doing this! Great start to the process. Several other good ideas as enhancements as well. I’m bringing @charlielong in to the discussion as well - I’ve just had conversation with her about very similar ideas.

I’m thinking this is a project that will have several iterations as we evolve and adopt new ideas.

Thank you all!

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And for one more tiny nit suggestion. If training is required, maybe we could print it on pink paper (in addition to the “training required?” statement). There wouldn’t be any excuse for someone claiming they didn’t know whether training was required.

Or vice versa. No training required could be printed on green (i.e., red = stop; green = go).

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In our talk this morning, @prl2018 and I talked about having some high-visibility colors on certain signs and then changing the color every so often to avoid people getting so used to them, they go ignored.

I definitely think a “Training Required” one would be great to have down that way.

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I started up a google doc for what signage to include around the shop and on specific equipment. Anyone who wants to take a look and offer suggestions on what to add is more than welcome!

I haven’t gone through all the equipment on the list yet, but will be making updates throughout the week.

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Great job on this, @charlielong, and thanks for getting the ball rolling.

The laguna bandsaw might need something about wood turners prepping bowl blanks, especially logs and branches.

It would be good for us to provide training and require it for this use.

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