Wood Shop Notice - Band saws

All the band saws are back up and running now. Lately, they’ve been taking a terrible beating, and we’re going through blades at an alarming rate. Most of the problems can be traced to a single source:

Don’t push wood into the saw with any force at all!!

If you can feel the blade pushing back even a little bit, you’re pushing too hard, and in the process of destroying the blade and/or saw.

If you’re feeding the saw right, you should feel No Resistance from the blade. None. Yes, when blades get dull, the cuts can become very slow. But that doesn’t give you a green light to force your stock into the blade, and destroy the blade, bearings, tires, etc.

Also - you should try to match your stock thickness to the saw blade width. Thick stock, wide blade. If you need to cut a tighter curve ok, but understand, your cut is going to be Very very slow.

Be merciful folks.


is it just me or has Tapper been spending too many nights alone in the woodshop?

He took a break the other night to help me and others get a giant piece of antique machinery off of my trailer - it was a great help and typical of the assistance one finds at the makerspace when help is warranted.


i’m glad he was able to assist you in getting your tool out of the back door of your trailer

He and and others helped move the 1200 pound piece off my car trailer.

Finally a use for the overhead rolling crane!

lol…you may have missed the double-entendre there :slight_smile:

Was that this guy here?