Wood Lathe 1 on 1

I am looking for someone experienced on the wood lathe that would be willing to help guide me through the learning process. I have taken the intro class but wanting a little more guidance before taking on solo.

Specifically looking for instruction on bowl or plate turning. I will happily pay for the members time.

I can be reached at 5804653799

I am availible anytime until Sunday!

Hi Ty,

I will be back up at the space on 8/6 in the evening (and again early on 8/11) if no one else is able to assist before then. Meanwhile, check out this site, it has a lot of good information on turning bowls. Plates are not much different technique wise.

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Thanks for the reply and the information. I will definitely take a look at the resource you provided. If I am still in need on the 11th I will definitely tag a long with you. Appreciated!

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I’d be able to help also, I have a small bowl class scheduled the evening of the 6th that has been filled already but will be scheduling more in the future as well as a large bowl class and specific tool related classes.

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Are you the lathe teacher? I need to take the lathe class and get specific instructions for my project.

I have used a lathe before - long ago.

I am one of them, yes. I can set up a lathe 101 class for aug 15th, that’s the next time I have a break in my schedule. Does that work for you?

Yes, thank you.

ok cool. I just submitted it to the calendar, it will be up in 72 hours so you can register for the class around 9:40am on 8/8/19

Would you allow me to audit your class so that I can be approved for lathe 101 instructor status as well?

Sure thing Paul! The process is you shadow one, then teach one while I shadow and the circle is complete.

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Thank you!

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