Wood ID from old workshop

Hey guys was wondering if anyone could ID some wood and if it’s worth saving? My stepdad did custom pool cues and some furniture stuff before he passed and there’s a lot of this stuff sitting in an old shop that’s nearly ready to collapse.

Just wondering if it might be worth saving for anyone?


It is pretty hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like a lot of cherry and some other hardwoods to me.
I know a lot of pool cue makers use ebony, snakewood and other exotics for their cues. I would hang onto all of it myself. Where is it located? What is the final disposition planned to be? Some exotics are very hard to find in any sizable lengths due to various government and conservation restrictions.

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There was stacks of different burls and other exotics but most of that’s been stolen.

I was honestly thinking of grabbing it and leaving it at DMS for members to have. The shop it’s in is about half collapsed already and will be taken down later this year.

It’s near Valley View just north of Denton.


Orange super straight even grained, some type of mahogany or in the family atleast

Man that’s tragic.

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I know Capt and I would love some of this. He’s turning pen shafts for dip pens, and this would be excellent! And, I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

Definitely not. I’m always up for nice pieces.

The one round piece hanging on the far left of the bottom picture looks like Texas ebony. The one right next to it and the one on the far right look like black walnut crotch or maybe claro walnut. Those are very desirable pieces. It’s hard to tell with the rough pieces, but there is definitely a lot of cherry.

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I would also be available to help that wood go to a good home

You might check with @USprofessional if he is interested in any sticks. He knows all regarding billiards and has an amazing collection of world class items.

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A suggestion:
Instead of bringing to DMS, perhaps have members meet you at the shop and they can choose and haul off. Unless you think the condition of the building is too dangerous… or members might get into a fight club rumble over the wood lol lol

I’m disappointed that no one posted the obvious:


Yah, I’d be worried about letting people in.

It’s half collapsed already and most of the wood is in a second story loft.

I’m supposed to go up this week and check on some other stuff.

I’ll try and grab a few pieces at least and put them in the shop.


I bet wood people will be thrilled to see what you bring in :))

yes. yes we will

For you guys that do pen turning… are older pool cues useful? I think there’s a stack of pool cues in there as well I could grab. I don’t know anything about pen making but it seems it’d be easy to turn them down to a useful size.


Yes! Most are Maple. All are good woods for turning.