Wood CNC router training?

When can I get training for wood CNC router? I would like to join but only if there are trainers available to train and sign off so I can use wood CNC router. Thanks I apologize if it’s in the wrong category but I’m not sure where to post this I’m sure you guys can figure this out thank you.

Welcome to DMS.

Please keep in mind that this is member’s only tool and when the training goes live only members can sign-up. This also goes for the online prerequisites that will be required to attend the live classes. These classes will fill quickly and I expect you won’t have much luck trying to time your membership to CNC training. Go ahead and join. If you don’t already have CNC experience, you can learn the basics on one of the Shapeokos.

You can read all about it here.


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I was a member for about three months before I squeezed into training classes I wanted (laser, etc.). Everything at DMS happens on volunteer time and volunteers are stretched thin as it is. Training on (and access to) a multi-tens-of-thousands of dollars machine for $60/mo is a bargain even if you paid for a membership for years before using it. Go price CNC time on someone else’s machine :slight_smile:


@Letsgetitdone I’ve been a member since June of last year, I wanted to join since March of last year but COVID put a hold on that.

I was excited about the multi cam and all the cool stuff I was going to make and build…
Since then I’ve taken online CNC classes, I’ve taken solidworks classes at Collin college…
I still haven’t been able to get authorized (trained) to use the machine…

This is a volunteer organization not a local retail gym…there are members that have been using the CNC that can’t because it been down for repairs and until the new training requirements are met they can’t use the malticam either.

There at other people who have been waiting for training as well…

I have a suggestion for you… why not join and get to know the lay of the land…meet people, work on your projects, volunteer around the space and get to know people? Share your knowledge and expertise? Gain new knowledge and expertise. You will need to use the other tools in the wood shop that require training as well … while you wait in line like the rest of us…


Do you already know how to do CAD and CAM? We’re writing those courses now, but if you want to look at some online vCarve tutorials, that’s the software we use, and you can get a head start that way.

Thank you for your reply I will definitely look into it

Thank you for your input I appreciate it I will definitely join