Wood Available in Irving

In Irving on Foxcroft between Durham and Canterbury. They have someone coming to dispose of it so I’m not sure how long it will be there. I’ve included my size 14 foot in one picture for reference.


That’s Silver (soft) Maple. Great turning wood. You’l usually find a bit of spalting in the the trees around here - particularly if they were dying.


They had the tree cut down because it was dying/rotting. I didn’t take a picture of that because I don’t think anyone want’s rotted wood, but FYI.

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Actually, it’s kind of a thing…

But you’re right; full-on rotted, not so much. It’s more the “in between” that is interesting, and folks will go some interesting distances to get/use “not quite rotted yet” wood.

Good find! :+1:

The pieces are too heavy for me to pick up, but there is some spalted I think:

That piece is probably 12+ inches in diameter but about 6 foot long (the other end is more rotted)

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I would like some but if you can’t lift them I certainly can’t. I need to get a chainsaw for these things lol. It’s somewhere on the list