Windows Crash Dump Analysis

Hey guys.

Does anyone know of a service or program that can analyze crash dumps from Windows 7? I’ve been having them once a month or so to every couple of days for over a year and nothing has helped fix them. I think it’s a driver issue but I really don’t know how to test them all and I’m just at my wits end finally.

I don’t want to leave my computer anywhere with anyone to run diagnostics because I don’t trust anyone on this planet.

Edit: Don’t tell me to upgrade to Windows 10.

Do you have have a full or minidump? The software is simple to use and you can use microsoft’s symbol servers.

I have a ton of minidumps I’ve been saving! What is the software? There;s something I used before that I couldn’t figure out, can’t remember the name of it.

WinDbg is the software

It is part of the windows sdk, be sure to get the right one. provides a reasonable explanation.

Thanks, this is what I used before but I finally figured it out!