Willing to pay for a complete blacksmithing course

Hey team,

I just joined yesterday, but am ready to get straight to forging. I noticed that the majority of courses are booked for months, so I’m requesting a private course for a reasonable price. Anyone know of the ideal person?


Paging @Team_Blacksmithing would be best method. Welcome

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Thanks, weird. @Team_Blacksmithing who is wanting to get paid for complete course?

My suggestion is that you come to the open forge on September 8. Get a taste for how it works and meet the committee. If it’s full, just come anyway.


I don’t mind teaching. What are you wanting to learn?

I need to be cleared on the equipment. I’m making custom cutlery…but need to practice in lower grade steel. I have a supplier here in dfw.

Do you have any experience?

Not with blacksmithing… I’m a quick learner though.

how many blades have you ground??

Zero…but I’m eager to apply the instructions I’ve read/watched.

what type steel will you be using??

For the first few iterations, I’ll be using a low carbon steel. When I get the craft down, I’ll start mixing metals for a damascus steel.

Can anyone teach a private course?

Just a few questions before we go any further:

How are you making custom cutlery without knowing how to use tools to do so?

What do you mean by lower grade steel? The grade of the steel has little to no sway on how to use the tools

Hey Tim @fender84,

I am also interested in going through the classes for working in the forge shop. I am interested in making knives (@Troy_Barrios) as well as table legs in the future. For now I need to get approved to weld (tig or stick) as I made some bar stools with the ability to rotate with 3/4 nut and bolt, but I need a way to keep the nut from slipping through the wood base. My plan is to weld .25"x.5"x.5" wings onto the nut and embed them into the base of my stool. @Team_Blacksmithing

I cannot make it to the tig class this Sunday 22Sept19.

Duncan Hughes

My advice is keep an eye on the calendar, @jbrown885 and a few others should have classes coming up pretty quick.

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