Will you suggest a discount MLS service

I’ve always sold homes by owner (x 4) and been pleased with the process. I have offered a buying agent a commission once. But right away one starts off saving 3% at least with that approach.

I have nothing against realtors nor the broker business. They work really hard at the business for the most part. I do need to save money on my current sale, however. I have never used MLS but I’m thinking this time about some sort of a discount service that gets me into MLS and perhaps provides some additional services - contracts, negotiations, photos. I’m a bit short on time. I have always enjoyed just talking to the prospective buyer and just working out a deal. And I sell things ‘as is’ and generally get an inspection and comps done myself so as to give better info to buyers. They, of course, may opt to do their own diligence.

I’m in the middle of the tornado zone but survived it with minimal damage more or less although there is total destruction just two blocks south.

Well, any thoughts are welcome. When I was full ‘by owner’ I offered finders’ fee for a referred buyer. All that seemed to work well.

I have some farm property in Mt. Vernon that I will be willing to part with as well but first things first.



Dandy! ‌