Will anyone be at DMS this weekend to give me an intro to the basic tools?


Hi there. This is Whitney (using my husband’s login for now) and we’ve been members for a while, but haven’t ever used the leather area. I’m making a simple leather bracelet as a Christmas gift. I have the leather and have already cut it to size on my mat at home, but before I invest in my own punches, I’d love to see what my membership gives me access to at the DMS. However, I know I probably need an intro class (above and beyond the YouTube videos I’ve watched LOL) before I use the tools. I don’t see one on the calendar and was hoping that if a typical leather user is there when I show up at DMS this weekend, can I get a quick lesson on JUST the circle punch tool and stitching punch tools I want to use?? I plan to hand stitch and already bought needles, threads and Chicago screws. If this would be OK (leather area rule-wise), is anyone willing to say they plan to be at DMS and are willing to give me a quick lesson?


Paging @Webdevel


So sorry about the late reply. @brentlemons did you find someone to assist you? I’ll be at DMS tuesday evening if you still need help with something.


I found someone there on Sunday who was super nice and helped me find and know how to use the few tools i needed. :slight_smile:
I completed that project, but may be hooked so I’ll keep my eye out for an intro class to get the full run down and learn a few techniques.