Wifi enabled appliance controller / watt meter

There are a variety out there. I have no commitment to ‘Alexa’ or other systems.

I am powering my house on generator for at least a few more days plus I’m supplying two neighbors as long as the ‘behave’ and keep it to just a fridge or two.

I have one generic kill-a-watt meter but wanted another one to monitor the other line(s). Came across some that were cheaper and wi-fi enabled. I realize my fun will soon end when power is restored but I thought how cool it would be to see the numbers remotely and perhaps monitor voltage as well although it will all be at the source.

Any thoughts? There are a few on Amazon. Would like to monitor wattage and be able to us the device to turn on and off the load. 10A is fine. I want to be able to use them for other stuff in the future such as monitoring total power consumption, which I suppose they do as well.