Wide Format Printer SIG wiki page

It has come to my attention that the Wide Format Printer SIG does not have its own wiki page. I have created one here and started it out with a template to make it easier to get going.

Also @claybell when is the next SIG meeting?

Where is the wide format printer living now? I loved teaching classes on that and used it a ton but the poor lass living in the old room was always breaking from heat.

Super glad it’s coming back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Currently the wide format printers we have are dust. They need to be sold. This SIG was created several months ago to discuss and determine the best printer to replace them with.

We are due for a meeting to discuss status and next steps.

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If it’s the ones from the old little annex I’m not surprised lol. I’ll try to help with the SIG when its running. I don’t know enough about the different brands to be a value add choosing one…but still…WEE!

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Time to get this moving again. At one point a printer was approved and ordered, then canceled.

If you are planning on selling the old large format printers let me know. I need to move them out of the storage units.

CA will need to figure out a solution for holding on to them to sell. They can’t just stay in storage forever.

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The CA meeting is tonight at 7.

Per discussion at comittee the SIG meeting is in the calendar. 1PM Saturday June 22 at 1PM


I’m not in a “legal” position to make the final call, but my recommendation is to simply throw them out. Period Dot Done.

They had a minimal value a year ago in a semi working condition, and after a year in storage they’re now a fully clogged/jammed/unworking hunk of tech that isn’t worth any effort in our part to even wait on trying to sell.

Trash em and be done with it.


Another option is to call a few printer companies and ask them if they want them. Or call whomever sells that model. They might be able to salvage some for parts. Recycling is always an excellent idea. If I had the model numbers I could do the calling.

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I’m sure voting on what to do with the old ones will be a high priority since it’s in offsite

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I’m telling you no one wants them, it’s not worth their time to try and evaluate if there are any spare parts that are worth salvaging.

DUMP THEM. We’ve already burned SO many volunteer hours in these things it is not worth spending anything more on them.

I vote to dump them. @BarkingChicken @Board_of_Directors do we have approval.to just dump these and regain paid storage space?

I was never against it. I was told that the then board of directors were the ones who had voted requirements on selling them and I have found no documentation on why. If the current BOD doesn’t care I don’t either.

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I vote dump them. I don’t believe either model is still being sold, and with the treatment they’ve gotten over the last year I would doubt they would even be worth parting out. I say post them on Craigslist as free to whoever will come get them, as-is.

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I don’t want this to become a space bus thing. If the board says we can dump them let’s do it, but not until then.

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wonder if the DPRG folks have any interest…
regrettably, I don’t really know who amongst us is a part of that venture…
EDIT: have heard they are not interested.

I realize it’s the board’s call but I also agree with consigning them to recycling/dump/whatever’s necessary to get rid of them.

I also agree with dumping. I just didn’t know we could officially say we would until the board clarifies and the SIG votes.

I can ask at the next RBNO if there are useful parts. They may want to take it and pick the carcass

During the SIG meeting last weekend, did y’all discuss the dead printers? As in submitting an agenda item to get permission to dumpster the carcasses?