Why do we use Veneer vs Solid wood?

Introduction to Marquetry and Veneering
Sept 6-8th at Dallas Makerspace DMS members use Code DMS19 for $50 off.

In this Class we will learn how to create a decorative Marquetry panel with Wood Veneers that can be used for various applications i.e. top of a box, tray, a small cabinet door or table top or even a wall decoration - endless opportunities. Safety is your responsibility and the most important part of any project please Wear Your Safety Glasses and Personal Protective Equipment anytime your operating or around machinery or anytime you’re working with pointed or sharp tools.
• Veneer
• Why do we use wood Veneer (Costs, better than solid
wood, choices)?
• Selecting the Species & Where can we get it (Sources)?
Veneer Purchasing 101 part 1&2
• How is it made and different ways it is cut (Plain
Sliced, Rift Cut, Quarter Sliced and Rotary Lathe) • Where does it come from?
• What is it made of? (Wood, Shell, Stone, Metal Etc…) • Different Veneer Panel Matching i.e. Book match, Slip
match etc.
• What type of Veneer do I want for my project?
• How much Veneer do we need to make the project?
• What type and thickness of Substrate (Core) do I want
to use? (MDF, Medex, Solid Wood, Baltic Birch
Plywood ETC…)
• What tools do I need? How do I use them.
• Flattening and softening Veneer
• Cutting Veneer - Tools for Cutting, Joining, stringing,
patching, repairing
• Making decorative Borders & Banding and Stringing
• Making and cutting Stringing, or Banding
• Assembling the Veneer panel, 30gGum Tape, Original Blue Tape #2090 thick & 60 day Blue Tape #2080 thin
• Preparation of the Substrate 120 grit sanding block- sand lengthwise then across both
• Gluing the Veneer to the Substrate, various types of glues and their uses and applications.

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