Why Can't People Who Want It Get Off a Plane?


Can you people take this to Wednesday night Philosophy? We could have a good time discussing this! :sunglasses:

Russell Ward


Only vaguely related, but I’ve always wondered why, the moment a plane that has landed, 90% of the passengers leap and start squeezing into the minuscule aisle or stand hunched under the baggage thingies, despite the fact that they will not be moving for at least 5-10 minutes.

I always continue reading my book or whatever I was doing while in the air until movement has gotten back as far as a couple of rows ahead of me.


I will tell you why I do it. I am 6’5" with super wide shoulders. If I can be the first one to stand I can stand in the aisle and stretch my aching body. Sitting in coach for anywhere over an hour leads to pain for me as I have to contort and twist to not take over the seat next to me with my shoulders. And the headrest doesn’t even start to come close enough to where I can lean my head back. That and after sitting for 3 hours straight I just want to stand.


For the same reason people will speed around a car only to get stopped at the next stop sign or red light. It’s a “me first” mentality where they think being one person ahead is better rather than taking a turn for everyone’s benefit.


If only we were really smart ants. They get along really well.



Piling on here: Can we talk about how, on some planes, the arm rests are so low my elbows don’t reach them? MD80, I’m looking at you…


he he. I was always semi-entertained when I used to fly and ended-up on a Southwest flight that when reciting all of the rules abut seat buckles and life vests, they’d invariably mention no smoking in lavatories but if you really felt the need to smoke, to feel free to step outside onto the wing.

This was pre 9/11, so they probably aren’t allowed to actually say that any more.


Conevntional ergonomics treat people like you and me as outliers whose concerns are to be thoroughly disregarded. I’ve experienced negative legroom more than once to the point that I’ll gladly take a non-reclining exit aisle seat.

What does annoy me about de-planing is that people don’t seem to have a plan once they start to crowd the aisle. Get up, step into the aisle, stretch, grab their underseat bag, slowly rummage about the overhead bin. Fifteen seconds later they’re then considering ambling down the aisle while there’s now almost the entirety of aisle behind them clear.


Sounds like you’ve got a few extra vertebrae you need to get rid of. :hammer_and_pick:


I feel you, I’m all torso height, at 6’5" I only wear 32 length pants, so leg room is not my issue.


I just got a mental picture of The Predator getting rid of a few of my vertebrae…


So if we end up sitting next to each other on a flight, feel free to allow your super wide shoulders to spill over, if my butt can spill over your direction. Just don’t recline your seat into my lap if you’re in the row in front of me.


36" inseam. Pants are not easy to source.