Where's the Kreg jig?

Hey there has anyone seen the Kreg jig to predrill holes? Usually it’s under the table before going into the workshop.


It’s in a box labeled pocket hole under the pallet racking

Awesome, Thank you!!!

There’s a large tub full of misc Kreg gak, but I don’t know if there’s enough parts to assemble a complete kit. Most of the items are broken or missing pieces. They may all be in the tub—but you’d have to dig through and assemble.

But yes, it’s on the far left of the shelves near the woodshop, if the shop is to your back.

Every thing we have is/should be in that box. someone asked about the Kreg jig last night on talk. they may have the main piece out on one of the work benches.

Sadly there is stuff missing… but when people don’t put tools back, parts get lost… we don’t know stuff is missing until someone points it out… it sucks when it your looking for something and can’t find it/.

What’s are you looking for to make a complete kit?