Where to get pallets

Does anybody know where to get a lot of pallets for free? I need a bunch for a job tomorrow

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There’s 200 for sale here:


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Craigslist is a good source for free ones, but not on very short notice.

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You can drive the tornado hit area around Preston Royal. There are pallets bring thrown out. It’s over by St. Marks school. There’s a lot of building about Tibbs and the streets Tulip, Orchid and Pemberton. The number varies but you can probably find a few freebies.

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Took me all day yesterday. I made this pallet from an old coffee table.



Facebook Marketplace.

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Free Large _ Various Pallets - free stuff.PDF (233.6 KB)


Good find Jast!

Actually, there are several offers on CL presently. I don’t know if any fit the bill, and/or if driving for the complete collection is prudent, but ads are up:

Nice job… The way you distressed the wood is great, could easily pass as a real pallet.