Where to find 8'x4' sheets of cardboard

a long time ago we used to keep them on hand in the automotive area, and I’ve also seen them in the machine shop. I would like to buy some cheap cardboard to mock up some things I’m building, but I can’t figure out with a google search where I could find them locally.

Anybody know stores in the area that have 8x4 sheets of card board on the cheap (less than $5 a sheet)?


roughly $36 for 5 sheets.

Central Hardwoods


Or go to the box company at the southernmost end of our warehouse row and ask if it’s something they stock. I think @John_Marlow had looked at their website last fall and confirmed 4x8 sheets of corrugated cardboard was available when we were brainstorming options for a project she was working on

Sorry, best I could find at the time locally was Boxes to Go. $6.


I’m not sure about the local warehouse, but ULINE has them for $3.96 per sheet, 10 sheets minimum.


Machine shop got ours from Staples(IIRC). It was delivered and a big fiasco. Price wise they were good.

Yep, This is where we would get them.

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$2.60 each at Central Hardwoods.



Basically any local cardboard box manufacturers can supply you. Depends on how much space is available for storage. Buying them one at a time is pricey. Uline will sell them as well.

A while ago for the cardboard boat regatta we found large sheets for sale at a Ace Hardware, I don’t know if they still sell them but it’s nice having not bend larger sheets.

I have boxes you can have for free next week if you’re not picky about sizes.