Where to buy Totes for T-Shirt and Tote Class


Hi Print Monkeys! I am gearing up for the T-Shirt and Totes class on the 30th, and wondering the best place to buy tote bags. I have a the T-Shirt connection, and would appreciate ideas for the totes. @talkers Will share you where you purchased totes for previous classes?

Thank you!


You can pick one up at Joann’s.



The PR closet has a box full. I can get them for you.

Thank you for teaching this class Josh!

My understanding is ours cost a $1 per, vs the $5 at Joann’s


I gave the T-shirt’s that were dumped in C.A. to printmaking.


Thank you John, and that would be much appreciated. I am out of town starting Tuesday, but can come to the DMS on Monday if that randomly works for you. Also, which screens do you use for the class? Are they the ones wrapped in the garabage bags underneath the press?


Thanks for the heads up @uglyknees wrt to the shirts. @HoarseHorace do you happen to know if there are kept in one of the lockers?


I’m pretty sure they’re in the tall up-right teachers cabinet. I have spare keys. do you plan on being at the space this week so I can get them to you?


@HoarseHorace Unfortunately, I leave for the east coast on Wed morning, but can meet Monday evening. Are you available then? Otherwise I can do the following Wed the 29th. Thanks!


FYI, @grobber15, @talkers is teaching a class at 11:30am today - not that works with your schedule …


@darrent Thanks for the heads up!


Tonight doesn’t work very well for me. I’ll get something set up later this week for when you get back.


Sounds good. I will also try and get a bin setup at the DMS next time I
am in. If it’s a go you can place the keys in there. Will let you know.



Personal storage? Good luck, they’ve been pretty hard to get a hold of for a while. It’ll free up after the expansion.

I’ll get a realtors box for keys, which was part of the plan anyhow.