Where to buy mosaic glass

I failed to write down the best places to buy glass for making mosaics, the cheaper the better since I’m going to need a whole bunch of black and some red, too.


There’s Stained Glass Unlimited in The Colony. Or you can try hobby lobby.

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Thanks for sharing the resource! Do you know if they are on par in price with Art Glass City? Last time I went to AGC I looked at their stained glass selection and it was limited, but prices seemed ok.

I like Stained Glass Unlimited, I think their prices are good and they have a nice selection.
Prices are lower that for fused glass at AGC, I’m not sure about the stained glass price comparison, I think AGC sells it cheaper because they don’t really want to stock it, it’s not really their thing.

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Last time I looked the 10x10 sheets at AGC was about $7-8 per piece before their discount (so likely $5 or so per piece). But yeah their color selections were very limited.

Hobby lobby is 7.99-8.99 per sq ft