Where to buy magnets


Can someone please tell me where i can find good quality but inexpensive magnet? I need to put it as a backing on wood. Where can i find sheets or cut up pieces of magnets. And will glue hold it in place? What is the best way to attach them on pieces of wood?

Appreciate all the help


Machine Shop used to have magnets free for the taking.



Teachers cabinet at the bottom right I believe is a box of random magnets. Don’t let @Photomancer see you, he is easily distracted by those things!


Most of the magnets in that cabinet are broken pieces and are the brown ferrite type. The last time I needed magnets I got them at Tanners. Don’t know how many you need - but you don’t have to go fetch, have them immediately, and can feel the strength. If you need a lot of them then online is best bet.

I like supporting Tanners - great to have them close by. Another thread talked about giving Fellowship to people that recruit people for DMS. They’ve probably earned lifetime memberships. It is rare when doing tours there isn’t at least 1 person who says they were referred by Tanners.


If you are looking for the flexible magnetic material commonly used on “refrigerator magnets”, Micheals, Jo Ann’s and Hobby Lobby carry it.


BGmicro in Garland has quite a few. They do not have open shelves like Tanners but you can do an internet order, check Hold For Pickup and usually pick it up within an hour. I think they sometimes work purchases with Tanners.

These are the new technology very strong magnets and can easily be removed from the plastic shell.



Hobby Lobby sells magnets of Darius strengths. Not much selection on Rare Earth magnets but have some which would be fine for photos, refrigerator magnets and the like.

Their 40% off coupon makes prices affordable.

Hint: bookmark Hobby Lobby on your phone: they accept the coupon directly off your phone’s screen.


home depot has some rare earth magnets of various sizes, but they’re online only.

Also, Amazon?



They are located in plano and you can walk in and pick up an order but don’t try to order when you get there. You can save on the shipping.

I got a N42 Block 2 in x 2 in x 1 in for 25 bucks. There is a brand of safe than you can open with a big magnet.

Here are the clearance items. http://appliedmagnets.com/surplus-magnets-clearance-c-8_71.html

Heres how to open the safe


Thank you everyone for all your help.
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