Where to Buy Laser Settings Tool

Hi All!

I recently purchased my very own thunder laser (yay!) but am having trouble finding one of the plastic settings tools online. Does anyone know where those were purchased? (The piece of plastic used to set to determine height of the honeycomb try to either cut, or etch).

Also, I would like to remove two of my family members from my account, can anyone tell me how I manage my membership?


It is 3d printed. If someone doesn’t volunteer the design, just go to the space, use calipers to measure the height, and spend 3 minutes making a box of those heights and print it

The height is based on the lens you are using. You need a focal distance between the lens and the material you intend to cut. Hopefully it is a distance that is also a material thickness you can buy. Then you can cut as many as you need from said material rather than a longer printing process.

Do you know what lens is in your machine?

Oh man I have no idea how to use the 3D printers lol. I’ve grown so accustomed to that tool at the Makerspace though that I will learn if I need to.

My lens is a 2" (50.8 mm) Focus Head / Lens… I assume it would be the same as the lens on any of the Thunders at DMS. I have the Nova51, the model between donner and big thunder.

The standard one that comes with the thunder lasers is just 6mm (1/4") acrylic sheet cut with the laser.


Pearce nailed it!
It seems you have the standard head and lens.

They say you want a focal distance of 5mm to 6.5mm. Actual 1/4 inch acrylic is a bit thicker than 6.5mm, but the acrylic you buy as 1/4 acrylic is usually not actually 1/4, but instead 6mm. So you would likely be perfectly good with a sheet of 1/4 inch acrylic or small pieces of 1/4 acrylic as your lens stand off.

Glad you got a solution as well as the information to figure it out in the future for the inevitable specialty lenses you make purchase!

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