Where is PETA on this?

Kangaroo has dog in a headlock. Man MMA’s kangaroo to save dog. In any other year, I would consider this extremely unusual and bizarre. But…it’s 2016.


NB: I put this in combat robot area cos I thought maybe 'Roo was an android or something…check out his muskles.

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What a douche! Once the roo let the dog go, it should have been over…he didn’t need to punch the roo after distracting it, just back off. But he’s on camera and probably thought it would look cool to box a kangaroo. So, to relate this to combat robotics, cheap shots just make ya look bad.

Are you then pro- or anti-android kangaroos?

Totally pro-android kangaroo, dude. I’d be all for a Westworld-esque roo squad…heck, they come complete with their own tool pouch!

I am literally watching Westoworld as we speak (errr…type).

And they are called marsupiums (the pouches, that is)

Actually, the Kangaroo attempted to kill the dog, then turned to attack the man. The little bunny hops were him turning into position and preparing to strike at the man. The punch, while hardly doing much damage, stopped the attack, and everyone was able to walk away more or less unscathed.



Naw… I think they were simply caught mid-embrace in an inter-species tryst. The roo was startled by the jeep and the guy running up and simply turning to face the guy to protect his beloved poochie. Lol!
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Love is love, don’t judge.

But seriously, yeah, those bucks can be super dangerous, but still I think the guy was a douche. All in all, nobody got hurt, so all is good.

Apparantly they’ll fight dirty and hit below the belt…

"in Australia in recent years, some resulting in serious injuries. (In many cases, kangaroos have attacked humans after a confrontation with their dogs.) "

Apparently the little monsters have a thing for dogs…

So does Kangaroo taste like chicken?

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It’s more like a gamey beef, I liked it when I was over there but apparently I had a really good preparation of it.

Most people say it’s like a bad steak.

I thought it tasted like a nice cut of buffalo when I had it last year in Melbourne.

If you ever get to there, go try the kabobs at Meat and Wine Co.