Where do you get your Acrylic?

Hey folks,
I am starting a project that requires some acrylic sheets, but I have never sourced any before. I called Home Depot to ask for advice, but they hung up on me twice : ) So if anyone could suggest a place to get acrylic that would be great!

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Check the wiki. We’ve got suppliers listed out there. We just went to Ace Plastics, down on Shady Trail, to put up some plastic for the vacuum former classes. I’m pretty sure that there are other around.


Allied Plastic Supply. It’s sketchy feeling and they’re not very polite but they know their stuff, they’re reliable, and their pricing is competitive.


For future looky-lous:



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Amazon, Inventables, and TAP Plastic are also good online sources.

Agree. They have a “yeah whaddya need” attitude, but generally helpful.

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what size sheets do you need? depending on size you need i might have…

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Allied, Regal and JPP. Each has their own pros depending on what you want

who is JPP?

Probably: https://www.jpplus.com/

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Also if you need color acrylic theres one shop in NYC that has everything in all colors.

Haven’t found anything close to them anywhere on the internet

Professional Plastics is pretty good. You can order online and then call them have then cancel the shipping and pick it up at their Carollton location.

Thanks for your offer. I’m looking to make the TEDx logo about 3 feet tall

Thank you all for your advice and recommendations!

I recommend E&T plastics. Best prices I’ve gotten so far.

They are local to me but their shipping isn’t that bad either.