Where did this come from?


this is uber-cool. It just showed up last week. we talked about getting one before. This is well made so I don’t know if it is maker made or commercial.
who do we have to thank?
If you don’t know what it is - it eliminates cranking the bridgeport table up and down.


That is a Walter Anderson donation. Need a wired electric drill, it kills batteries.


good 'ol Walter. He will be with us a long time.
Thanks brother!


I suggest we purchase a dedicated wired electric drill and mount it to the Bridgeport Mill, tie wrap that power cord down so that drill does not fly away.


I recall seeing an identical article in the machine shop some ~3 years ago.


Think of the hours nick has spend cranking in these 3 years!

Neat tool, I’ll have to look at the front of it next time I’m around.


It’s like how many cumulative hours have been spent in movies and television dialing rotary phones as a plot element?


If by tie wrap, you mean a locked chain, I agree. :slight_smile:


If you plan on using a 20 pound log chain, Nick may find it easier to just go back to cranking that handle again. Ha! Ha!


Once you try that you can never go back