Where can I find a Gocupi MKII?

I have a work project in mind, that involves the DMS Member designed Gocupi.

I cannot find any kits online. Does Tanners carry them by chance?

I am not against 3D printing / acquiring my own parts if need, but in the so-far casual research it appears the two Brandons designed a custom board as part of it.

Insight is appreciated and thanks!

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@Brandon_Green @Brandon_Dunson … Are there still kits around? Or files to share of the parts to print?

You probably already know this, but…

They got all of the parts from Tanner. @merissa has the right idea.

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BTW: What ever happened to the Gocupi that was hanging on the wall for so long? Do you know?

No idea… Maybe @Brandon_Green will know and chime in soon (still early in the day for him right now).

It was a really cool project though so maybe we can revitalize it and get one mounted in the new lobby.

The repo has a description of the original parts list if you wanted to build one from scratch, I don’t know where any kits might be, this project was a long time ago and I haven’t looked at it in years

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Much Thanks @Brandon_Green, @merissa, @coloneldan for the information.

I gots me a project to do :smiley:

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I have a gocupi kit in my storage bin, you can use the board from that if you want.

I’ve been meaning to redesign a white board plotter to simplify the calibration process. Needs homing which can be done with TMC stepper drives and current sensing.

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